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    eCommerce // Update - 18th January 2022

    Cloud MT and Citrus-Lime Ecommerce new versions are being released on the evening of 18th January 2022. Cloud MT will be available immediately, and Citrus-Lime Ecommerce will be deployed to all sites the following morning. Below you will find a list of improvements and bug fixes that you can expect to see in this update.

    Citrus-Lime Ecommerce


    • Code improvements to Order Completion to improve robustness in cases where internet connectivity is interrupted.
    • Upgrade to the eBay connection to provide a more modern and reliable connection for listing and updating eBay items.

    Bug Fixes

    • Resolved issue by improving handling of missing images during the mailchimp product upload

    Cloud MT

    New Feature 

    • A new wizard has been added to Cloud MT. As requested by you we have provided a wizard to allow blocking or unblocking SIM stock on multiple items at once:


    • Initial work to allow implementation of refunds where order has not successfully completed. Feature should be released in the next 2 weeks.
    • Improve non-GB currency display on the front-end dashboard.
    • Upgrade to the eBay connection to provide a more modern and reliable connection¬†for listing and updating eBay items.

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