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    eCommerce // Hotpatch - 14th September 2022

    We are updating Citrus-Lime eCommerce and Cloud MT. The hotpatch will be rolled out to all customers throughout September 14th, 2022.

    Here are the details of what is included in this release:

    Bug Fixes

    • Find and Filter Star Buys offers will now work for Brands containing an "&".
    • Unisex items are now included in gender-specific Star Buys.
    • An error adding to the basket, which could occasionally happen for newly created items, has now been fixed. 
    • We have fixed a bug which was causing non-matrix items to show zero stock values in the SalesFire feed, for items where stock was available.


    • We have made improvements to the loading of inactive products in order to improve site performance and prevent errors.
    • We have made improvements to the performance of the payments page in Cloud MT. 

    New features

    • There is now a unique identifier for CitrusPay to allow the implementation of the payouts report.
    • We have added logging messages that specify that a site is being restarted at the request of the user so that we can see when a customer has requested a site restart. This will allow us to investigate site restarts which are unplanned/unexpected.
    • CycleScheme Restricted Facets List now supports multiple facets, rather than just single. For example; We now support /bikes/instock rather than just /bikes or /instock

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