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    eCommerce // Update - 5th October 2022

    We are updating Citrus-Lime Ecommerce and Cloud MT on the morning of October 5th. Here are the details of what to expect from this release:

    Cloud MT

    New Feature  

    • Confirmation emails can now have customisable text added via the new Site Messaging Page in Cloud MT. Additional text can be added to sites for Click & Collect and Delivery orders separately, allowing you to give a little more detail about the bespoke service that you offer.
      • Site Messaging Page
      • Confirmation Page
      • Confirmation Email
    • The website footer content is now configurable from within Cloud MT. This gives retailers increased flexibility and allows for quick changes as the business needs change. Our designers have spent time moving users over ready for the launch of this new feature. Going forward users can now:
      • Edit and add page links via a new Link Collections Page
      • Edit and add links to social media via controls in the Site Display Options
      • Footer Elements configured via the Site Display Options on a per-site basis:
        • Banner Collection
        • Payment Methods Icons
        • Address Display
        • Logo
        • Company Name
        • Company Number
        • Tax Number
    • We have added a Payouts page to Cloud MT. This page will allow for a reconciliation of amounts received into your bank with the transactions they cover and the associated fees. 

    Please note that for the moment this will only be providing data for CitrusPay, with CitrusPay Gateway being supported at a later date. For customers who have a traditional MID and ApplePay through CitrusPay, you'll be able to use the Payouts page to reconcile your Apple Pay orders only in this release.


    • We have removed the Field from Cloud MT to make Finance available for Click and Collect orders. This Setting requires additional set-up by the Citrus-Lime Support Team who amend this setting after confirmation is received from V12.

    Bug Fixes

    • The Start time of Star Buys promotion is now consistent for all promotions.

    Citrus-Lime Ecommerce 


    • Additional error logging has been added to assist with issue diagnosis.
    • We have removed redundant code relating to a no longer supported payment provider. 
    • We have made code improvements to improve the performance, reliability and maintainability of the product. These changes made in the background lay the foundations for speed improvements in a future release. 

    Bug Fixes

    • We have fixed a bug that would wipe a Star Buys promotion if an item combo in the same promotion was removed from the basket.
    • The sale discount will no longer be combined with the Star Buys discount presented in the basket.  
    • Missing Translation added to the order confirmation page.
    • We have made changes to the checkout in order to improve the user experience seen when different payment methods are loading. Please note that this change now means that a payment method will no longer be preselected for use. This change was needed to prevent an issue that could occur, where a preselected payment method would close and then open again, interrupting the user flow when checking out. 
    • The site language attribute is now based on the location of the business. 
    • The colour Grey is now an available colour facet when filtering by colour on the Find & Filter pages.

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