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    I've received a V12 finance order notification - when will I see the order in Point Of Sale?

    When a customer places an order on your website and opts to use V12 Finance as the payment method, they will leave your site and move onto V12's site order to complete a finance application.

    Once the customer has completed the application, the order moves through a series of statuses while the application is considered by V12. These are visible to you in your V12 Order Portal.

    The Citrus-Lime system uses these statuses to understand if the order can be progressed, given an order reference and eventually downloaded to the retail system. 

    Within V12's system, an application then moves through a series of statuses, whilst V12 consider the application.  You will be able to see the application status within your V12 portal.  In terms of an ecommerce transaction, the notable statuses are:

    Referred:  Pending a decision about finance;

    Declined:  Not eligible for finance;

    Approved:  Eligible for finance, but the customer hasn't signed their agreement yet;

    Agreement received / Awaiting fulfilment: At this stage, the application is complete and the goods can be released to the customer.

    Whilst V12 are processing the application, the Citrus Store ecommerce platform keeps the customer's web order in a pending state.  Our system will check in with V12 every 5 minutes to look for status updates on pending applications. We will do this for 30 days from the order first being placed, so any referred finance applications have more than enough time to be processed.

    We only finalise the customer's web order in your eCommerce database after V12 have moved the application onto the 'Awaiting fulfilment' stage. This means the order can then download to your retail system for processing.  Applications that are cancelled or declined by V12 will never finalise in the ecommerce database, and you won't see these in either Cloud MT or your retail system.

    Note that the delivery address the customer submits during the finance application on the V12 site, will be the delivery address that we use for the order as it downloads to Cloud POS.

    As explained above, successful finance orders may take longer to appear in the Point Of Sale (POS) due to the 5 minute period between each check-in with V12 for status updates.  So, if you see an application in your V12 portal at status 'Awaiting fulfilment' but cannot see the corresponding order in POS or your Order Lines Report in Cloud MT, consider that the e-commerce platform may still be waiting to pick up this status update and finalised the order.

    If sufficient time has passed and the order still cannot be found in the Order Lines Reports in Cloud MT, or your retail system, contact Citrus-Lime Helpdesk Team so we can investigate the issue.  Complications with finalising the order can arise in some situations, for example, if the customer starts the V12 finance application process and then navigates back to your ecommerce site before proceeding again to V12.  We have a more detailed explanation of this situation documented here:  Why do some V12 finance orders never download?

    Key Points to consider:

    • Ecommerce orders paid by finance may be subject to a delay between being approved by V12 and being finalised in the ecommerce platform;
    • Until an order is finalised in the ecommerce platform, it cannot download to your retail system;
    • Allow sufficient time for the order to finalise (at least 5 minutes);
    • Check for the order in the Order Lines Report in Cloud MT;
    • In Cloud POS, check the Order Import Log;
    • Contact the Citrus-Lime Helpdesk Team if the order cannot be located.

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