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    Cloud MT // How do I use the Custom Product Builder?

    The Custom Builder feature in Cloud MT allows you to build a product where customers can select from attribute and option combinations that wouldn't be readily available on a standard product.  These configurable options can be charged individually at option-level. for the greatest possible flexibility available. 

    To use this functionality, you will firstly need to create your Custom Builder Templates, before these can be applied to any items.

    NOTE:  Custom Builder Templates cannot be applied to Matrix Items. 

    Creating the Custom Builder Templates

    To do this, open Item Management in the Cloud MT navigation, then select Custom Builder Templates:

    To create a new template, you must first set a template name - in our example below, ‘Custom Jersey’ - before clicking the button marked Create New Template.  Click Edit next to the template you have just created.

    Using our example of 'Custom Jersey', below is a colour coded example of how you may compile a template:

    You can now create your first attribute by giving it a title and clicking the Create Attribute button.  NOTE:  Do not use any special characters in the attribute title - only use letters or numbers:

    You'll now see this appear in the list of Attributes:

    This list will grow as you create each new attribute:

    Clicking Edit Attribute for the option on which you are working will allow you to then create the Attribute Options.  

    Clicking Edit Option then allows you to amend the price and weight based on the attribute options:

    When you have created all Attributes and Attribute Options as required, your template is now ready to assign to items.

    Assigning a Custom Builder Template to a product

    Firstly, navigate to the item within CloudMT that you would like to set up as a Custom Build product, and click Edit

    Once in the Item Card, scroll to the section of the page entitled Custom Builder and click the button marked Set Item as Custom Builder.  

    NOTE:  This process is not reversible.

    When you set the item as a Custom Builder, the Uses an Alternative Page Layout option in the Special Conditions section will become uneditable.

    Scroll back up to the middle of the page, where you will find the Custom Builder options.  Using the dropdown menu, locate the desired template, click Apply Builder Template and click one of the Save Changes buttons on the page.

    Once the template has been applied to the product and the item saved, you will see that the formatting of the item has been amended on the Product Page on your e-commerce site:

    NOTE:  Custom Builder templates that were created prior to Cloud Merchant Tools, by design, will not be able to be managed by Cloud MT.  This is due to the way we store Custom Product Builder template information.

    The descriptions and product information will still be able to be managed for these items but the custom builder aspects of the item cannot be updated, added or removed.

    You will need to recreate any affected templates and apply these to the relevant items.

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