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    Cloud MT // How do I create a basket link to email to a customer?

    A useful feature of the Cloud MT platform is the ability to build a basket on your e-commerce site, then create a link to the basket to email to your customer.  This is known as Cart Share.

    This can save you time when responding to quote requests where, for example, there may be questions about product compatibility.  

    Rather than advising the customer what they would need to order and hoping that they follow up by placing an order, you can simply create the basket for the customer and send them the Cart Share link.  This just leaves the customer to complete the checkout process and make the payment.

    There is good evidence to show that conversion rates are improved when the customer is provided with a direct link in response to a product query.

    How do I create a Cart Share link?

    1)  Firstly, you need to build a basket on your e-commerce site, which you would do in the normal manner:

    2)  When you've added all items to the basket and are viewing the Shopping Basket page, press the Shift and S keys simultaneously on your keyboard:

    3)  This will cause a dialog box to appear, offering to create a Cart Share link:

    4)  Click the Get Link text and the dialog box will update to display the link to the basket:

    5)  Click the Copy button and the Cart Share link will be copied to your clipboard.  You'll see a message to confirm this:

    6)  You can now paste the Cart Share link into your communication to the customer.

    Notes on Cart Share

    • The Cart Share link you create will be valid for 30 days.  After this period, you would need to recreate the basket and create a new Cart Share link for the customer.

    • The Cart Share link will only recall the basket with the items that were in it at the time the link was created.  If you add or remove items, or change quantities, after creating the original Cart Share link, you'll need to create a new link to direct the customer to the updated basket.

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