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    POS Registers and Licences

    Citrus-Lime POS Register usage

    Citrus-Lime Cloud POS is cloud-based and can be accessed from any location or device.  We highly recommend using the Google Chrome browser, as the platform is optimised to work in this browser.

    Cloud POS Backoffice, Workshop Module, Picklist, and Cloud Reports, can be accessed at any time by any number of users. 

    Cloud POS registers, where transactions take place, can also be accessed from any location.  

    However, individual registers cannot have concurrent users.  This means only one cashier can be logged into a register at any one time.  

    For example, if Cashier A is logged into a register and Cashier B tries to log into the same register from a different device, Cashier B will see a warning explaining that Cashier A is already logged in, and that proceeding will log Cashier A out of the register:


    Cashier B has the option to proceed by clicking Yes, but in doing so, this will automatically log Cashier A out of the register.

    Clicking No at this point will return Cashier B to the register selection screen, where they can select a different register to use, if one is available.  This screen displays if a user is already logged in to a particular register:

    It’s worth noting, the POS part of the system is intended for creating and completing transactions only.  All other functions can also be found within Backoffice, for example, reviewing and creating customers, viewing open customer orders, etc.


    What do we mean by a 'Transaction'?

    When we refer to a transaction, this means making a sale or return, and the creation, recalling, or tendering of a work order, a workshop job, a layaway, or a quote.

    There is no limit to the number of registers your retail system can have, but each register you add will incur an increase in your monthly support fee.

    If your business requires more registers, please contact our Success Team to discuss this further. 

    Accessing Picklist and Workshop Module

    It is not necessary to log into a register in order to gain access to the Workshop Module and Picklist, but you must ensure that you are using the correct route to access the Workshop Module / Picklist functionality. 

    To access the Workshop Module / Picklist, you must first navigate and login to the Backoffice, not POS.

    Using the Workshop Module as an example;

    1. Go to https://pos.citruslime.com and log in. This takes you to the BackOffice (not POS);
    2. Now that you are logged in, you can amend the URL to https://pos.citruslime.com/workshopux.

    This works in the same way for the Picklist 

    You do not need to be logged in to a register to gain access to either of these areas. 

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