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    How do I sell a Gift Voucher?

    When you have a customer that wants to purchase a gift voucher you will need to open the Point Of Sale screen.

    Go to the Actions menu.

    Click the 'Sell a Gift Voucher' button - this adds the voucher item (GIFTVOUCHER) to the transaction.

    You will be asked to add a value to the voucher, in the example below I am selling a £50 voucher:

    Once you have set the Voucher value it will take you back to the point of sale, at this point it is worth pointing out that you have to set a customer against a voucher sale (this does not mean that only that customer can redeem the voucher), once you have set the customer against the transaction you can now go to tender this through, take payment as you would with any other transaction.

    Cloud POS will generate a random number for the new gift voucher. This gift voucher can be used in store and online and the random code means that the voucher is secure and cannot easily be guessed. If you would like to have a branded printed voucher or card for your store produced, we would suggest designing this with a blank section where the voucher code can be written on. 

    This will then take you to the 'Post Transaction' screen, you will now get the options to 'Preview and Print Gift Voucher' and/or 'Email Gift Voucher' these are voucher specific receipts that show all of the important info including voucher number, expiry date and value:

    The gift voucher number and expiry date are also printed on the receipt


    If a customer does not spend the full amount on their voucher in a single purchase, the voucher will retain the value left after the transaction has taken place.

    If you have Citrus-Lime Customer Rewards you can block the customer from gaining points when buying a voucher using the Promotions Manager - simply block points on the SKUs for your vouchers (as you would for shipping). SKU: GIFTVOUCHER

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