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    eCommerce // Update - 17th May 2023

    We are updating Citrus-Lime eCommerce and Cloud MT. Here are the details of what's included in this release: 

    Citrus-Lime eCommerce


    • We have improved how the product page loads for Matrix items with mixed pricing. This now means that if a user navigates to the page from an item listing elsewhere (eg: a link provided by Google), then they will be shown the price that they are expecting for the item they want to purchase.
    • Auto SIM Improvements have been made to better handle occurrences of a mismatch in data. When the products are a Matrix in the source Auto SIM data and not a Matrix in the POS systems, we will no longer update the item Name field in Cloud MT.
    • We have actioned feedback from the first live tests of the improved Find and Filter pages: 
      • An error that would occur if a custom canonical link was set in the navigation has been fixed. 
    • Numerous code improvements have been made to the underlying platform in order to prevent performance bottlenecks. 
      • Further improvements are being made for the next release.
    • Efficiency improvements have been made to feed generation to help prevent feed generation failures
    • Improved error handling to prevent feed generation failure due to problems with one or two records.
    • Updated wording on V12 Finance Pop-Up at their request: “Interest Rate” is now “Annual Rate of Interest”.
    • The Finance value shown is now consistent between the search results page and the item page itself.
    • Discount percentages represented on a page will now no longer exclude the discount used in the query parameter. For example, if you added a discount query parameter to your search URL (e.g., [websiteURL]/instock?DISCOUNT=10), the discounted items shown would have discounts of 10% or higher - previously this would only include results higher than 10. 
    • We have improved the internal logging of orders posted to Google Analytics. These changes will help Citrus-Lime identify logs of interest quickly when troubleshooting any issues that might occur.  

    Bug Fixes 

    • Shopper Approved emails will now have a working product link. 
    • Changes made to prevent banner pixelation on the homepage when scaled.
    • Product links for social media will now include images. 

    Cloud MT 


    • Included in this release is the ability to set a specific time for Star Buy Start and End Dates.
    • Users can now edit location longitude and latitudes for Click-and-Collect stores in Cloud MT. This means you can precisely indicate where your store is located on the map shown to customers.
    • Grid exports now respect the timezone of the store.
    • Date formatting was corrected in the FAQ section for US retailers. 
    •  The site address information has been added to the Order Lines and Order Summary reports, allowing our multisite retailers to see and filter by the website the order was placed on. 
    • The ability to set a store's state has been added to the General Fields page for US customers. 
    • General improvements for the handling of time zones and daylight saving changes. 

    Please note the release can be subject to change until final testing is complete. 





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