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    eCommerce // Update - 15th June 2022

    We are updating Citrus-Lime Ecommerce and Cloud MT. Here are the details of what to expect from this release:

    Citrus-Lime Ecommerce 

    New Features 

    • Work completed to enable Google Analytics 4. Google Analytics 4 delivers better tracking to help create more targeted ads. It will be a staged roll out so if you’d like to join the list to move across, please contact the Support Team or your Digital Marketing Campaign Manager at Citrus-Lime. 
    • We have added support for an additional payment method Clearpay (also known as Afterpay in the USA) for international customers. 


    • We have reinstated product upload to the Mailchimp Integration using batching. 
      This change will stop the further reoccurrence of API requests being rejected by Mailchimp.
    • Shopper Approved reviews have been added to the product page schema.  This improves the page for Search Engine Optimisation.
    • Number input improved in checkout when using a mobile device. 
      When moving through the checkout, it will now automatically change the keyboard to number format when applicable.
    • Improvements have been made to logging in order to speed up the internal error log.
      This change improves the usability for our Support Team so we can diagnose problems more quickly. 
    • Multiple Language support work has continued and we now have a site live in Spanish. 

    Bug Fixes 

    • A bug has been fixed which prevented Matrix Attribute reordering. 
    • An error that could have prevented checkout using PayPal has been fixed.  
    • We have amended Apple Pay Security info in POS to now show as N/A rather than blank. 
    • An issue has been resolved where a coupon would remain applied but not visible in the checkout when a user exited the checkout and returned. 
    • Text on the Klarna Payment buttons in the checkout has been corrected to say the correct options. 
    • An issue for some Apple devices causing the website logo to flicker has been fixed. 
    • The subscribe to the Newsletter text has been amended to be more concise to work with smaller devices. 
    • An issue where multicurrency values showed incorrectly on Spanish websites has been fixed. 
    • A number formatting error for PayPal order values on Spanish ecommerce sites has been fixed. 

    Cloud MT 

    New Features 

    • We have added the ability to control item values that can be made available for Forward Ordering. This new option is available on the General Fields page in Cloud MT:
    • In addition to this, we have also extended the time window that Forward Orders cover to 12 months.
    • We have given control of URLs that can be excluded from Cyclescheme Orders. 
      This gives retailers the ability to restrict facets that would not be profitable, for example, on-sale items. 
    • A new feature will be coming in the next release due in August 2022. We will be giving users more control of the website footer in the Site Display Options. In preparation for this new fields have been made available in Cloud MT for our design team to manage the transition. 


    • We have listened to feedback and this release includes a number of improvements to Citrus Pay and the Payments Grid.
      • Improved Loading and Filtering speed of the Payment page grid with the option to use Stored Data added. 
      • The date range has been limited to 1 month to optimise performance. 
      • Where there is no Fraud Score provided, it will show as N/A rather than 0.
      • There will no longer be a delay updating the refund status of an order.
      • For integrated refund providers, all refunds will now show as a separate line on the payment grid. 
        To add clarity, the Payment Type column will now show as default. 
      • You can now view related transactions for a payment by clicking the related transactions command.  
      • Subtotal is now calculated for filtered results. 
        • Details of how this is calculated can be found in the learn more information on the page:

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