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    Cloud POS // What's in the July 2021 Release?

    Details of the Cloud POS release due to go live July 2021 - 

    Transaction speed improvements

    We have been working to improve the speed of transactions in the POS, this includes Order creation, updates & pickups as well as standard Transactions, Account Payments and Drops. 

     The changes have resulted in an average of a 37% improvement in speed across of all these processes.

     Alongside this work, we have added automated tests for over 700 transaction scenarios, which is another step towards increasing our release cadence.

    Important background work – New UI

     We continue to complete background work to allow us to process more transactions to grow our capabilities alongside our retailer’s growth.  As we come to the end of this process we will be starting work on the new Cloud POS UI, with the POS itself being the first piece of the puzzle! 

    Customer Total Visits added to customer information shown in POS **Requested by users via our Feedback Forum** 

    A valuable piece of information which will help efforts to personalise experiences for customers. 

    Filters added to columns in Purchase Orders **Requested by users via our Feedback Forum** 

    Filtering options added to Purchase Orders to help speed up viewing and amending item information.

    Supplier reference added to A4 Purchase Order print **Requested by users via our Feedback Forum** 

    Suppliers reference added to the A4 Purchase Order print, ready for sending to Suppliers.

    Supplier and Supplier Part Code information added to Reorder Level Wizard  **Requested by users via our Feedback Forum** 

    Supplier and Supplier Part Code information added to apply changes page in the Reorder Level Wizard to assist with deciding what changes needed.

    Backoffice General 

    New Features

    • Xero setup tab and link added to configuration page in Cloud POS.


    • Invalid characters are no longer allowed in the tax code field.
    • Date filters have been added to the Customer Order Stock Detail report - narrowing the date viewed has improved the speed of this report. 

    Bug Fixes

    • A scenario that prevented printing courier labels from the customer card has been fixed.
    • A bug where order lines which had been partially picked up would no longer show in the Stock Enquiry popup has been fixed.
    • A bug causing Order Line Status to appear editable on the Customer Order Detail page when they are not applicable has been fixed. Order Line Status' can only be set when there is negative free stock.


    New Features

    • Transaction level commission is now recorded for items/categories with value based commission.



    • We've made improvements to the handling of errors when saving a Customer record in the POS. This includes no longer showing the error popup if a customer record has duplicated information when recalling an order.
    • When returning a transaction a dialog showing the Sales Reps used on the original transaction will show when different to the one currently set with the option to override the value.
    • A correction has been made to the title on the Set Price Level popup in POS.
    • Picking up Klarna orders with only £0 value items remaining is no longer allowed.
    • We've made several improvements to Payment Sense card transactions - 
      • Cashiers are now prevented from cancelling card transactions under certain Payment Sense responses. 
      • Timeout handling has been improved.
      • Internal Citrus Lime logging of errors has been improved.

    Bug Fixes 

    • The Shipment Value when printing courier labels from the POS is now populated from the order total being despatched, not from the remaining balance of the order.
    • A bug where the Customers Account tender showed incorrectly when the customers account type was blank has been fixed.
    • Recalling an order where there are multiples of the same item with different modifiers applied no longer removes duplicate order lines.
    • An issue causing failure to load an existing customer record when creating a new customer has been fixed.
    • An issue where pre-set discounts against customer records were not setting the price correctly in POS every time has been addressed.

    Customer Communications


    • SMS customer communications no longer send in split messages (1/3, 2/3, 3/3) they are now sent as one message.


    Bug Fixes

    • Invalid characters are no longer allowed in attributes on the item import.
    • Department & Category Import - Category in the grid can now be corrected if required after import.



    • The tax rate against Gift Voucher items can no longer be edited through the item card or item wizard.
    • The item type of Non-Inventory can no longer be converted when the item has stock.
    • A warning has been added when moving stock to/from Offline Inventory when it is for a store you are not logged in as. **Requested by users via our Feedback Forum**
    • Weight (Packed & Item) columns have added to the Wizard Item Select & Advanced Item Search.


    New Features

    • A new A4 pick sheet has been added, these can be printed for all orders in a pick or individually from the Customer Orders page in the back office.

    Purchase Orders 

    Bug Fixes

    • An issue where multiple pages of available serials when adding serials to transfers lost data when paging has been addressed.
    • A bug where the Import button was still enabled after committing a Purchase Order has been fixed. 



    • The numbers of any vouchers which were used to make a payment have been added onto the Account Payment receipt.


    Bug Fixes

    • We have completed work to prevent occasional timeouts of overnight update tasks for SIM imported items.
    • Improvements have been made to the SIM Wizard speed.


    Bug Fixes

    • A scenario which caused serial numbers to be "stuck in transit" has now been prevented.
    • The creation of a duplicate serial number when an item is in transit has been prevented.
    • A Transfer in from Supplier created via Offline Inventory now correctly shows the sender as the relevant supplier.
    • An issue where a Serial Number could be being marked as "In Transit" after the commit of a transfer when the item was not sent has been fixed.
    • A scenario where a Serial Number could be sold and transferred simultaneously meaning it remained available to use has been prevented.
    • A bug preventing courier labels being printed for supplier transfers has been fixed.



    • Filters have been added to columns in the apply changes pages for all wizards, helping to speed up the process of viewing and editing specific items.
    • Speed improvements for Barcode Label Wizard when using the "Use In Stock quantities" button.
    • Weight (Item & Packed) columns added to the Wizard Item Select column options **Requested by users via our Feedback Forum**

    Bug Fixes

    • Revalue Cost Wizard - scroll is now prevented from editing values in cells.
    • Barcode Wizard - Transfers Out now show correct Deliver To store when selecting to print labels for a purchase order or transfer.
    • A scenario where an error setting a different supplier via the Supplier Wizard would result in no primary supplier being set against the item has been fixed.



    • Items added in the Workshop Module now get added at the top of the order lines list to allow mechanics to quickly confirm items have been added correctly.

    Bug Fixes

    • An error which was shown after returning to job after printing an A4 tag has been fixed.
    • Order lines no longer change order when paging in the order lines list.

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