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    Cloud POS // Hotpatch - 18th March 2021

    We are updating Cloud POS.  Here are the details of what to expect from this release:

    Bug Fixes:


    • An issue where items on some workshop jobs are duplicating within the Workshop Module has been resolved;
    • Resolution of an issue in the workshop calendar where jobs would bind together, meaning that when the selected job was moved in the scheduler, a second job would move with it;


    • An issue with the UI on transfers, which caused serial numbers to be marked as 'in transit' when they were not included on the transfer, has been fixed;

    E-commerce Orders

    • An issue that resulted in e-commerce orders failing to be created in Cloud POS, due to customer record validation issues, has been resolved;
    • Resolution of an issue where e-commerce orders for matrix items were not uploading the committed stock levels to e-commerce sites until the order was processed. The stock level wll now update online as soon as the order downloads into Cloud POS. 

    Customer Rewards

    • Customers without an email address assigned no longer link to Customer Rewards. This resolves an issue where newly-created customers in Cloud POS were incorrectly linked to an awards account that had been anonymised with a blank email address, should these accounts have points then these would show against the newly-created customer in Cloud POS. 


    • Items added to a Stock Take but not counted (meaning they have 0 stock) are now given a count time. This allows for stock movements to be accounted for. 

    Customer Order Detail Report

    • Resolution of a bug that caused an 'object reference not set to an instance of an object' error when changing the due date of an order.

    Last updated at March 19th, 2021

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