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    Cloud MT // Managing eBay Item Specifics

    Ensuring your eBay listings remain accurate and compliant

    eBay Item Specifics are descriptive keywords that tell a buyer about your item. They may include brand, size, length, width, height, type, colour or style, and many more, and vary depending on what you're selling.

    If you are using the eBay integration with Citrus-Lime, you will be listing items into eBay's 'Sporting Goods' categories.

    As of 22nd February 2021, eBay will be introducing new required item specifics in Sporting Goods categories.


    This has two potential impacts on your eBay listings:

    1)  Any items you try to list on eBay for the first time, will fail to list if they do not have the required item specifics set;

    2)  Any existing eBay listings, which do not have the required item specifics set, will not update until the item specifics are added and listings are revised.  This is particularly important, as stock levels will not update on the eBay platform until the listings are revised, leading to the risk of over-selling.

    This being the case, it is critical that you take action to ensure that your listings are up to date and will meet eBay's criteria beyond 22nd February 2021. The responsibility for this lies with you as the retailer.

    Further information on the upcoming changes to item specifics is available here, under the 'Sporting Goods Categories' section:


    How do I identify listings which are missing Item Specifics?

    You should check the information from eBay provided in the link above, and use this to help identify any items you may already have listed on eBay that will potentially require updating.  This proactive approach should help to reduce any issues when eBay introduce the new mandatory item specifics on 22/02/2021.

    However, you can also use the eBay Log in Cloud MT to locate items which are either failing to list, or failing to update, due to missing item specifics.


    By filtering the report to include 'requires item specifics' in the Status field, as in the example below, this will filter the list to display items which are failing to list or update on eBay, for this reason:

    This is a more reactive approach to addressing problems, as eBay do not send this message back to Cloud MT until an item fails to list / update on their platform due to the missing item specifics.

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