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    eCommerce // Update - 25th May 2021

    Cloud MT and Citrus-Lime Ecommerce new versions are being released on the evening of Tuesday 25th May 2021. Cloud MT will be available immediately, and Citrus-Lime Ecommerce will be deployed to all sites the following morning. Below you will find a list of improvements and bug fixes that you can expect to see in this update. 

    Please Note: We are now approaching the end of the Cloud POS release cycle. While final testing of the Cloud POS release is completed, there will be no major releases of Citrus-Lime Ecommerce or Cloud MT.  This is to allow the testing team to fully focus on the testing of the Cloud POS release.

    Citrus-Lime Ecommerce

    New Feature

    •  Star Buy Saving total added to the Basket Total summary in the cart:
    • Integrated refund processing implemented for Apple pay - you can now refund FirstData ApplePAY transactions in Cloud POS;
      NOTE: FirstData don't allow partial refunds; you'll only be allowed to refund a transaction in full.
    • Verification added for redemption of Customer Rewards points through checkout. 


    • Click and Collect checkout wording updated as requested to say "Ready for collection in x days";
    • Google Colour options updated to now include Beige;
    • Alt attributes added to icons to prevent SEO errors;
    • Breadcrumbs on page now title cased.

    Bug Fixes

    • Negative Priced attribute for Custom Products now display correctly; 
    • Currency Symbol no longer hardcoded for Custom Product - this will now reflect the currency of the site automatically;
    • Work to prevent duplicate links created in database which can cause pages to 500 error;
    • Error using gift voucher when paying with PayPal has been fixed; 
    • Applied gift vouchers now cleared between orders;
    • Background errors when viewing account information has been fixed;
    • Error handling improved on confirm page;
    • Rounding of monetary value of points to spend corrected to reflect the true value able to be redeemed;
    • URL casing improved to prevent unnecessary redirects.

    Cloud MT 

    New Feature


    • Go Back button on the Amazon/Ebay Setting page for an Item now returns you to the Item card.
      The button text has also been updated to reflect this:

    • Wording updates to improve consistency: Product > Item;
    • GDPR status edited in Cloud MT will now update any duplicate accounts with the same email;
    • Order of eBay Log now defaults to most recent first;
    • Preview on Site Button now only appears on Item card after it has finished loading to prevent invalid link being available to use;
    • Find and Filter Landing pages can now have the latest item count increased up to 100.

    Bug Fixes

    • A bug preventing remove old custom builder information from being available has been fixed:
    • A bug causing thumbnail images to scale incorrectly and appear blurry has been resolved.

    Customer Rewards

    Customer Rewards version 2 has now passed testing, and we are moving on to finalising the import process which will allow customers to be migrated from version 1 onto the new platform.

    Besides the new user interface, which brings the user experience up to date to match CloudMT, the processing engine has been completely rewritten to modern standards, and the functionality has been improved and simplified in several places.

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