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    eCommerce // Update - 5th January 2021

    CloudMT and CitrusStore new versions are being released on the evening of Tuesday 5th January. CloudMT will be available immediately, and CitrusStore will be deployed to all sites the following morning. Below you will find a list of improvements and bug fixes that you can expect to see in this update.

    Citrus-Lime Ecommerce 

    New MailChimp Integration

    We've reworked the MailChimp integration in our platform, with a complete rewrite to improve supportability, reliability and the accuracy of order reporting and basket abandonment. There are some important changes for our MailChimp-integrated customers, and steps required on your side for the integration to continue to function. 

    1. The eCommerce platform uploads data to MailChimp - the complexity of having Cloud POS and Ecommerce uploading data has been removed;

    2. We no longer automatically upload Cloud POS customers to the MailChimp lists. This is something we will address this year, however, it will require you to be running our eCommerce platform. For those who wish to upload data from Cloud POS, we would recommend doing this manually - this is to ensure we have a single source and traceability on how data arrives in the MailChimp platform for GDPR purposes;

    3. The basket abandonment/recovery code can now recover baskets up to 30 days old (significantly upgraded from the old 3-day recovery window), and the tracking and management of these are massively improved. For example, you can build a basket on one device, open the recovery email on your iPhone and the recovery process will be tracked correctly;

    4. Reporting orders to MailChimp and campaign tracking now support orders which complete in the 'background' for example V12 finance orders and Klarna orders. Historically these would not have been reported as revenue on your MailChimp reports.

    Steps Required

    The new system will create a new list and import all the records in your eCommerce system into the new list, the list name will be:
    Citrus-Lime Cloud POS - <Your Cloud POS Group>

    It's important to manually move your unsubscribe list and any legacy data in your existing lists to the new one before you use the data in the list. We are able to help and advise on this process, please contact us if you need help. 


    • Brand image option has now been implemented on the product page, which allows clear identification of brand visibility & brand Navigation:
    • Credit/Debit card details entry boxes will no longer be visible when ‘Pay on Collection’ has been selected.
    • Improvements to Customer Reward account linking.
    • Quick View Images update correctly and more quickly when different products are selected:
    • Improved performance on the brand page, resulting in faster page load times.
    • Click and collect only products are now identified on the page to allow styling to be applied.
    • Improved multiple visual and usability aspects of the 'Star Buy' functionality including a display in the checkout.
    • When a question is submitted on a product page, feedback is shown to the user correctly - this was previously hidden
    • When a review is submitted on a product page, feedback is shown to the user correctly - this was previously hidden:

    New Feature

    • A new and Improved restyled basket area has been applied on the Quick View pop-up and on product pages:
    •  Dispatch Information can be now configured to be hidden, if required, by Citrus-Lime staff.


    • Images now load correctly when scrolling on the Find & Filter page - resolving the issue with image load on page scroll.
    • Improved SEO by using IMG tags on Find & Filter pages.
    • Further improvements to our search engine targeted item schema data on the modular platform, in order to make more item information available to search engines to improve rankings in search results.
    • The page title on the Find & Filter page will now show in a capitalized form, e.g. Mens Shirts: 
    • The Mini Basket now opens correctly when a Pre-Order or Special Order Item is added.
    • Back In Stock Request dates will now show correctly on the Back In Stock Report.
    • Resolved an issue where discount applied at checkout for expired Star Buy promotion.

    Cloud MT

    • The Site URL is now visible/ can be selected in the newly created 'Size' column within the Back In Stock Report

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