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    Release 5 (2nd March 2020) eCommerce // What's in this release?

    New DLL's are now available to be deployed. 

    Below you will find a list of new features, improvements and bug fixes that you can expect to see in this update.

    New Features

    • 100% off promotion now available with Star Buys Version 2 

    Please read our article covering Star Buys Version 2 here 

    • For those with the know-how to use CSS.  We have now added a new function to clear CSS Fragments in Cache Manager.


    • Ecommerce security information provided to the Cloud POS extended to included additional fields for Finance Orders:

    You can now see the name of the provider, the status of the application and you are now notified if the payment method is set to test mode.

    Note: you should always check you have received the finance funds before processing the order

    • American Express Logo added automatically to both the basket and the checkout when it is an active payment method:

    • Code improvements made to improve the efficiency of Find & Filters pages; 
    • Improvements to images that form part of our product page design;
    • Decommission of BetterSearch so that Valid Pages are not incorrectly generated and therefore indexed by a search engine;
    • Improved Find and Filter image quality;
    • Modification of multi-currency list to support multiple prices in the same matrix product.

    Bug Fixes 

    • Confirmation of contact form submission now appears in view, rather than out of sight at the bottom of the page;
    • PayPal no longer presented as a payment option for Click and Collect only items, because this payment method requires delivery; 
    • Out of Stock products now have a de-saturated image on the Find and Filter results page:

    • DPD Ship to Shop improved to handle apostrophes in the location name, this had prevented some locations from being selected;
    • Currency symbol no longer hard-coded to be £ on a new product page.  It now responds to the currency of the website; 
    • Bug, where SIM stock suppressed setting was not respected for back in stock request emails;
    • Bug, where eBay required a listing retry to process listing correctly has been fixed.

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