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    How do I troubleshoot my Star receipt printer?

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    If you are using a Star receipt printer, the most common error instance is that the power light stays solid green, but the error light flashes orange approximately once every 4 seconds. This just means that the paper roll is running low and will soon need to be replaced.



    If your printer is failing to print, please follow these steps:

    1) Check that the printer is connected securely with an ethernet cable. One end of this cable should be connected to the LAN port on the reverse of the printer, as shown in the photo below. The other end of the cable should be connected to an ethernet port in your network. This could be directly into your router, or it could be into a network switch or wall port.


    2) Check that the paper roll is not running out or misaligned. Open the printer cover to check the roll's position. Make sure the end of the paper roll has not fallen inside the printer or become jammed.

    3) If you have followed both steps and the printer will still not function as expected, use the diagnostics table below. This refers to the two status lights on the front of your receipt printer. You can use the lights to help diagnose the problem. If the ‘Recovery condition’ mentions the printer cover, you can also try opening and closing it firmly.

    4) If your printer is still not functioning as expected after using this diagnostics table, or you have an ‘unrecoverable error’ combination, please contact the Support Team.

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