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    How do I create a new customer at the Point of Sale?

    Best Practice

    This article will describe the best practice for making sure you are adding customers correctly without duplicating accounts.

    Has the customer shopped with you before?

    Ask the customer if they have shopped with you before. If they say yes, click on the Set Customer button, as shown in the image below.

    This will take you to the Search and Select Customer screen.

    Ask the customer for their postcode to search for them in the list.


    If you cannot find the customer within this selection, you can be relatively sure that it is ok to go ahead and click Create New Customer.

    In the next screen complete the required fields. The only field that is required is the Surname, but we advise that you try and get the full details from the customer, including the email address. Without the email address, the customer cannot receive eReceipts, Workshop notifications and their Customer Rewards account will not be linked.

    GDPR Consent - Ask if the customer gives their consent for their email address to be used for email marketing and tick/untick this field as instructed.

    Click Create New Customer.


    The next screen allows you to get further information from the customer, such as their contact telephone number and address.

    As a bare minimum, get the customers postcode and house name/number. 

    It is also ideal if you get their telephone number. This is especially required if the customer has workshop jobs and you need to contact them.

    Now that you are back in the Point of Sale screen you will see that the customer is now assigned to the transaction screen: -

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