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    Managing Customers // How do I use the Customer Account Functionality?

    This article will cover the use of the customer account functionality, this enables you to give a customer a credit limit on their account which you can then complete transactions against.

    The first step is to create your customer or find the customer if they have already been created. So as below in the back office, go to "Customers, receipts, & Orders" then "Customers" this gives you your customer list from which you can find and edit the customer you wish to give account credit to:



    After clicking on edit scroll down until you get to the section that is named Account Transactions, then in the drop down for account type you need to select from your Customer Account types, you will then also need to give the customer a credit limit, in my example I am going to give the customer a £1000 limit:



    After this has been completed we can complete a transaction for this customer against their account, go to the Point of Sale screen and assign the customer to the transaction, it is then just a case of tendering the transaction through, when it gets to the tender options you should see one for Customer Account as below:



    Once we have completed this transaction, the customer now has used up part of their credit, back on the point of sale screen if we select the customer again it will show you at the top of the screen the balance on the account and what the credit limit is:

    At the point the customer comes back to pay of any outstanding amounts on their account you would go to the point of sale, select the customer, go to the actions menu and then click the button for "Make Payment" this will take you to the below screen, from here you select the account receivables that need paying and then click the Pay off Selected button:

    This will take you back to the point of sale at which point you can pay of the account by following the usual process of clicking on Tender and taking the payment.

    NB: Customer Rewards points cannot be used to pay off Customer Account balances, the 'pay remaining' button will be greyed out in the tender screen for these instances.

    If you wish to view, print or email an account statement to an individual, all customers or customers with a chosen account type then find out how to do this by following the link below:

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