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    eCommerce // What's new in this release? 5th June 2020

    New DLL's are now available.  Below you will find a list of new features, improvements and bug fixes that you can expect to see in this update.

    Citrus-Lime eCommerce Updates

    These changes are applied to each website individually when fixes are required.  They will be tested and signed off for use week commencing 8th June.


    • Continued preparations made for Klarna integration.

    Bug Fixes

    • Basket item count remains on new page load 
    • Star Buy information shown on Modular Detail Fast page;
    • Add to basket logic improved to prevent a scenario where count in basket could be reduced; 
    • Green confirmation tick prevented from showing when user clicks add to basket when 0 quantity entered;
    • A bug causing a Find and Filter address to be removed from a coupon during a DLL update has been fixed.

    Cloud Merchant Tools Updates

    We are continuing to develop our own planned changes into Cloud Merchant Tools (Cloud MT), alongside working on feedback we are receiving from our group of test clients.  These changes are made live for all customers on Friday, 5th June.

    • Image Gallery first version added to Merchant Tools - note image upload will be reliant on Citrus Store being up to date;
    • Item Search now swapped to improved page code following successful Beta testing;
    • Customer page rewritten as a supergrid page - allowing for future performance improvements;
    • Support added for value-based discounts to Star Buys version 2.0 Find and Filter Star Buys - note your Citrus Store will also have to be up to date for this to work:
    • New Wizard added to assign items to a Find and Filter collection;
    • Parent categories prevented from being deleted;
    • Option to leave a field blank has been amended to "Not Set" on the eBay Setup page to allow "None" to be set as a valid option;
    • Increased information provided when a record is not found when processing a Wizard;
    • Item Link on Block SIM page updated to be consistent with elsewhere;
    • Background task added to check for authentication, previously this required user to perform an an action. This will prevent users seeing an empty list (for example colour filter), instead they will be taken back to the log on page so authentication can be confirmed; 
    • Formatting added to filter headings; 
    • Error when editing a coupon without expiry date has been resolved; 
    • Speed of selecting a specific item for a coupon has been improved; 
    • On creation of a Buyers Guide you are now redirected to the correct page;
    • Guidance added to Force Landing Pages:

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