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    eCommerce // What's new in this release? 27th April 2020

    New DLL's are now available to be deployed. 

    Below you will find a list of new features, improvements and bug fixes that you can expect to see in this update.

    Citrus-Lime eCommerce Updates

    These changes are applied to each website individually when fixes are required.

    New Features

    • Quantity selection now added to the product page on our Modular platform:

    Should a customer request more than the available stock they will be shown a message, and only the available stock will be added to basket:


    • Handling of tall and thin images improved on the product page. 

    Bug Fixes 

    • Items from the same Colour Group will now not be shown as related items;
    • Files not applicable to Custom Product Builder now prevented from publishing to Custom Product pages. 

    Cloud Merchant Tools Updates

    We are continuing to develop our own planned changes into Cloud Merchant Tools (Cloud MT), alongside working on feedback we are receiving from our group of test clients.  These changes are made live for all customers on Friday, April 24th.

    Here are a few things worked on for this release:

    • Frequently Asked Questions page improvements:
      • Item name added; 
      • Customer Name is shown on the response page; 
      • Date order now defaults to newest first.
    • Code improvements to page load throughout Cloud MT;
    • Selection dropdowns now have search functionality throughout Cloud MT- further improvement work planned; 
    • Page title bug fixed to prevent incorrect page heading;
    • Column sizes tweaked to make the selection of True/False readable;
    • Two new pages created under Product Organisation to handle tasks previously completed on the Store Configuration page:
      • Find & Filer General Settings; 
      • Find & Filter Landing Pages. 
    • Column Selection added to the Product Search grid, giving the option to show the Date Created field:

    • Brand added as a filter option when adding Child Items to a Colour Group;
    • Short Description changes:
      • Minimum character count requirement removed; 
      • Formatting added;
      • Character count clarification added.
    • Product name added to Customer Review edit screen;
    • Additional preview button added to the product edit page; 
    • Additional user guidance added to Finance Product setup page: 

    • Inactive Items List - code corrected to give correct items; 
    • Quick-find a product, can now be closed with Escape Key;
    • Block SIM Stock can now be managed when editing an item; 
    • Customer email addresses can now be edited in the Customer Review Manager to address email validation;
    • UI now reflects the fact that Related Items are not applicable for child items in a Colour Group;
    • Setting Google Category added to product set up page;
    • The following grids now remember their filters, page size, page number and column order:
      • eBay Planner

      • eBay Template edit

        • Shipping

      • Find & Filter Setup

        • Activities

        • Departments

        • Product Group

        • Materials

        • Browse Filter edit modal grids

      • Mail Queue

      • Primary Categories

      • Customer List

    • Range set up now available 

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