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    Release 7 (31st March 2020) eCommerce // What's in this release?

    New DLL's are now available to be deployed. 

    Below you will find a list of new features, improvements and bug fixes that you can expect to see in this update.

    New Features

    • Editable MetaData for the homepage.  This functionality can be found on the Store Configuration page. 


    • Starbuy Version 2 - Improved presentation of Starbuy promotion on the product page when viewing on a mobile device.


    • Modular Sites - Shortcut to sign out of customer profile improved.

    • eBay - Lowest priced shipping service prioritised on listing.
    • Further work on resiliency and performance of background tasks - all B2C site tasks are now in a dedicated background processing engine.

    Bug Fixes

    • An occasional issue with image quality, due to file failing to upload when a site updated, has been resolved. 

    Cloud Merchant Tools Update

    Cloud Merchant Tools development continues at pace.  We are continuing to develop our own planned changes alongside working on feedback we are receiving from our test group of clients:

    Here are a few things worked on for this release:

    • Implementation of "Delivery Charges Applicable" detail on product edit card;
    • Implementation of the Customer List;
    • Improvement to navigation routes throughout Cloud MT;
    • Order Summary Report - date order corrected to show most recent first;
    • Order Summary Report - Additional Columns and information added.

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