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    How do I keep a customer's deposit?

    If you wish to keep the deposit for a cancelled order (for example, if you have a non-refundable deposit policy), we recommend creating a non-inventory item for this purpose.

    For example, the Item Lookup Code could be ‘KEPTDEPOSIT’ and the Description ‘Deposit Retained’. You can also set this item to require a price when added to a transaction — this option is under the Advanced tab of the item record. The setup could look something like this:

    1) In the Point of Sale, recall the order that the customer wishes to cancel. 

    2) Add the non-inventory item to the order.

    3) Set the value of this item to match the overall value of the deposit being retained.

    4) You then need to remove the other item(s) from the order.

    5) Select the non-inventory item for pick-up

    6) Click Tender.

    There should be 0.00 Total Due, and the value of the deposit you are retaining should show as the Deposit Being Applied:

    7) Continue with Transaction.

    8) Choose your receipt options.

    9) Click Complete Transaction.

    This will be saved to the customer's purchase history as a sale of the ‘KEPTDEPOSIT’ item (non-inventory), paid for by redeeming the previous deposit. You will be able to use Cloud Reports to find all sales of that non-inventory item over time, to show how many deposits have been retained and from whom.

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