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    Xero Integration // How do I connect Cloud POS to my Xero account?

    Integration between Cloud POS and the Xero accounting package is now available. Your Xero account MUST be at least a standard subscription - trial or starter accounts cannot be integrated. 

    You MUST have a Cloud POS Pro Plus licence to use the integration. If you are unsure of your licence type, please contact the Success Team.

    Setting up the integration is a process that you can start, but will require some assistance from Citrus-Lime to finalise the integration.

    Below we describe the actions you will need to take to begin the process.

    Create an API Key to use with Xero

    From the main menu in Cloud POS backoffice, go to Setup, then Configuration.

    From the General tab, scroll to the section titled External Access To The Cloud POS API and click New to create an API key.

    Complete the two fields and click the Active checkbox, then click Update to save your changes.

    You will now see a new API key has been generated.  If you plan to continue setting up the Xero integration at this point, it's worth copying the API key to your clipboard.

    Remaining on the Configuration page, click on the Xero Integration tab and then the link entitled Setup your Xero integration here.

    This will open the page https://xerosetup.citruslime.com/login in a new tab in your browser.

    Log in using your Cloud POS details, paste in the Cloud POS API Key that you created earlier, and click the Validate Cloud POS API Key button:

    Once your Cloud POS API Key has been validated, the page will update and will display similar to the below, where your store(s) will be listed individually with the option to connect each store to Xero:

    Each store must be connected individually, but you only need to connect the stores where you are intending to use the Xero integration.

    Select the first store you plan to connect, then click the corresponding Connect to Xero button.

    You will now be presented with a login screen, into which you need to input the login details for the Xero account you wish to integrate:

    Once successfully logged in, you'll see a prompt asking you to allow the Citrus-Lime Cloud POS App to access your Xero account:

    Click the Allow access button to proceed, and you will then be returned to the following screen:

    Use the dropdown menu to Select an Organisation.  The organisation(s) displayed in the dropdown will be any Xero organisations you have currently allowed the Citrus-Lime Cloud POS App permission to access.

    If you only have a single Xero organisation, then there would only be one option in the dropdown, but this step allows you to connect different stores to different Xero organisations if you need to:

    When you've made your selection, click the Confirm Selection button.

    The page will now refresh and display a summary of the stores you have connected to Xero so far:

    If you have other stores you wish to connect to Xero, repeat the process described in this section, Link your Cloud POS stores to Xero.

    NOTE:  If you are still logged into your Xero account, you won't need to repeat the login step and will go directly to the stage in which you grant the Citrus-Lime Cloud POS App permission to access your account.

    What happens next?

    Once you have connected all the stores you intended to use with the Xero integration, please contact the Citrus-Lime Helpdesk Team, who will arrange to complete the remaining setup steps to finalise the integration with Cloud POS and your Xero account.

    How do I disconnect a store or all stores?

    If you decide you no longer want to use the Xero integration, or if a store closes on a permanent basis, then you can disconnect the store or all stores from Xero.

    From the main interface at https://xerosetup.citruslime.com, you'll see the option to Disconnect from Xero against each group of stores linked to a Xero organisation.

    Clicking the Disconnect from Xero button will disconnect all Cloud POS stores associated with that specific Xero organisation.

    The example below shows that both the Cloud POS stores 'Steve Test Store' and 'Steve Test Store 2' are connected to the Xero Organisation Name 'Steve Test Store'.  If we click the button to Disconnect from Xero, that will disconnect both stores:

    In the scenario where we wanted 'Steve Test Store' to continue to be connected to that Xero organisation, we would need to go through the process of connecting that store again, following the steps described earlier in this article in the section entitled Link your Cloud POS stores to Xero.

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