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    Courier Integration - How to add Exclusions to Services for Locations

    The Courier Integration Module gives you the option to exclude services for different locations, these might be countries, postcode regions (i.e. LA) or specific postcode areas (i.e. LA12). It might be that the courier service is not available to this location, or that you'd like to hide this courier service for specific locations. 

    Adding these rules will exclude the service(s) both on your Citrus-Lime Ecommerce site and when creating a label.

    This can be done by building up location groups, or by adding postcode segments you'd like to block, if you have not done this click HERE and follow the steps in the article.

    Log in to ship.citruslime.com using the credentials that you have been provided with and from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen, select Setup Services & Rules :

    On the next section click the Add Location & Order Value Pricing button.


    Beneath the Add/Edit Service Exclusions Based on Location click New, then select the service you'd like to exclude, a location group that you've created and the order value range you'd like it to apply to, i.e. you may only want to exclude a service for orders under £100. If you'd like this to apply to all orders enter £0.00 as the minimum and then £9999.99 as the maximum. Finally click Update to save the rule.

    Adding exclusions for specific postcode areas i.e. LA12

    In Location Shipping Rules, navigate to the "Block Services for Specific Postcode Segments" section. 

    Select the service you'd like to apply the exclusion to, then enter the Postcode segment, finally click the Add postcode restriction button. 

    In the grid below you can see that your exclusion has been added, these can be deleted if required by clicking Delete on the row.

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