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    How do I exchange a damaged item (non serialised)?

    Swapping an item for the same product

    You might use this option to do a like-for-like swap of an item for a customer, if the original item was found to be faulty, for example.

    1)  From the main POS screen, click Return Transactions:

    2)  This will give you three ways to find the transaction you wish to exchange:

    a)  If you have the returned item to hand, you can use Scan an item to find a sale using the item lookup code or barcode - Click here for info on how to do this.

    b)  Alternatively, you can use Search Transactions, or c)  Search Items functionality.

    Here you are able to search for the transaction that you wish to exchange, based on Transaction Number, Batch Number, Customer Surname, Sale Date, or Total Transaction Value:

    3)  Double-click on the correct transaction to start the exchange process.  This will take you to the Reason Code screen:

    4)  If you are only exchanging part of the original transaction, you can use the Click to remove item and Amend quantity options to remove any items that you are not exchanging, or change their quantities.

    5)  Once this is done, you need to Select A Reason Code for the return.  This can be done by using the drop-down menu in the top left hand corner to apply the same code to all items on the return, or you can select a different reason code per item.

    Return to Main Inventory:  This is applied in POS when an item or transaction is returned and the product is able to be resold as new.  This will book the item back into available stock.  If the item being returned is not saleable,  do not use this option. 

    Return to Offline Inventory:  This is applied in POS when an item or transaction is returned is damaged or needs to be returned to the supplier.  This option will leave the item unavailable to sell.

    See the related articles for further information on Reason Codes, and Offline Inventory.

    6)  Once you have adjusted any quantities and set the necessary reason codes, click Tender Return;

    7)  You will now see the tender screen.  Click Cancel And Return To POS to get back to the main transaction screen;

    8)  Add the replacement item to the transaction.  You should now have two lines of the same item, one negative quantity and shown as Being Refunded, as in the example below:

    9)  Once you have the required items in the transaction, click the Tender button and you will proceed to the tender screen.  If you are exchanging the same quantity of the same item(s) that were originally sold, there should be no value to tender.  If the quantities are different, there will be an amount to tender, so ensure you select the same tender type that was used on the original transaction;

    10)  Click the Continue With Transaction button and you will have completed the like-for-like exchange.

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