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    Scheduling a workshop Job

    Add workshop jobs to the calendar

    You can see jobs that have not been scheduled yet within the unscheduled jobs list on the right hand side of the Workshop Job Scheduler screen, these details show the due date that the customer is expecting to collect the completed job:

    You can then drag the job from the unscheduled list onto the calendar on the time and day you want the work to be undertaken, in the example below we can see the job needs to be collected on the 13th, we will therefore drag it onto the 05th as there is plenty of space on the calendar and this gives us time to deal with any issues if they arise.

    When you drag the job onto the calendar it will default to fill a 60 minute slot, as you move the job around the calendar you will see a display showing the time you are hovering over:

     if you then hover over the bottom or top of the job you will see an arrow appear that allows you to expand the job to take up the correct amount of time in the calendar, in the example below we cover a 2 1/2 hour slot:


    You can also drag the job around the calendar if you need to change the time or day the job is scheduled.

    In the top left of each job you can see icons that indicate the status of the job:

    Icon Icon Meaning
    Indicates the Job is overdue
    This item to be serviced is in store (checked in)
    This job is a bike build
    This job has been paid for and collected at the Point of sale
    This Job has been completed

    If you need to assign the job to a particular Mechanic, you will need to open the job by right clicking on the job in the calendar and then clicking the Edit Appointment popup as below:


    This opens the job at the top of the screen; within this screen you have a couple of options in terms of Scheduling, as suggested above you can assign a mechanic. You can also click the unscheduled button, which will remove the job from the calendar and return it to the unscheduled jobs list:

    This concludes this article.

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