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    How do I add new or amend Tender Types?

    1)  From the Cloud POS backoffice menu, select Setup and then Tender Types:

    2)  If there are any open batches within your Cloud POS group, these will be shown at the top of this page, as in the example below:

    You will need to close the batch on any registers shown in this list before you will be able to proceed.

    3)  To create a new Tender Type, click New.

    4)  Complete the Description field.  This field is mandatory.  Select the most suitable Type from the dropdown menu.  Complete any other fields as necessary.

    When you have finished, click Update to save the new tender type.

    Please note: 

    The 'Credit Card (Integrated)' option in the Type section is only usable if you are using the Paymentsense integrated credit card solution.  For non-integrated credit card machines, please use 'Manual Credit Card' as the tender type.

    The 'Voucher' option in the Type section is only usable if you are using the Cloud POS gift vouchers.  If you require a tender type for other vouchers, you should use types 'Cash' or 'Other'.

    The new tender type will be visible in Point Of Sale after the register has had opening amounts entered and new batch opened.

    5)  To edit an existing tender type, follow Steps 1 and 2 above, then click Edit next to the tender type you wish to change.

    Make any required changes and then click Update to save the changes.

    Note:  You cannot delete a tender type which has been present in an open batch.  If you make a mistake whilst creating a new tender type, you will need to delete that tender type before opening a new batch.  If you have tender types which you no longer which to use, but which have been present in open batches, you would need to deactivate these, as it will no longer be possible to delete them.

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