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    How do I view an order status in POS?

    If an order has been designated with an order status, colour-coding is used in the Point Of Sale to help quickly distinguish between the different types of status:

    No colour:  No order status set

    Yellow:  Awaiting Parts

    Red:  On Hold, or Fraud Check

    Green:  Ready to Despatch

    There are two ways in which you can view the highlighted status of an order or workshop job in the POS:

    When recalling the order

    When you recall the order or workshop job into the Point Of Sale, a colour highlight will be given to the order if there is a status applied.  In the example below, the order is Awaiting Parts:

    Using the Scan to Recall Open Order box

    If you scan an item into this box in the POS, a list will be displayed of any open orders which contain that item.  Colour highlighting is used to indicate the order status:

    Last updated at September 29th, 2021

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