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    Understanding the payment integrations available with Citrus-Lime

    Explaining the different parties involved in in-store and online transactions

    There are two key things to note with regard to our integrations:

    With Cloud POS in-store card payment processing, we integrate with Paymentsense;

    For e-commerce card payment processing, we integrate with CitrusPay Gateway, and CitrusPay.

    Some basic explanations of terminology:

    Payment Gateway:  The technology used by merchants to accept debit or credit card purchases from customers. The term includes not only the physical card-reading devices found in retail stores but also the payment processing portals found on e-commerce sites. Paymentsense, CitrusPay Gateway, and CitrusPay are payment gateways.

    Acquirer:  An acquirer is a financial institution that handles payment authorisation requests and approvals.  In very simplified terms, they check that the purchasing customer can pay for the item they want to buy and, if the purchase is approved, the acquirer is responsible for moving the payment into the retailer’s bank account.  Paymentsense (through First Data Merchant Services) are an acquirer.  There are various other acquirers in the marketplace, such as Worldpay, Elavon, and Barclaycard Merchant Services.

    Merchant Number (MID):  A retailer needs a MID to process in-store credit card payments.  You obtain a MID from an acquirer.  A MID identifies that particular retailer to the financial institutions involved in transactions.

    Ecommerce Merchant Number (Ecommerce MID):  Similar to the above, a retailer needs an ecommerce MID to process online credit card payments.  Again, you obtain this from an acquirer.

    NOTE:  A MID and an Ecommerce MID are not interchangeable, i.e., an ecommerce MID cannot be used for in-store card payments, and a MID cannot be used for online card payments.  The retailer needs to be clear about their requirements when they request a MID / ecommerce MID from an acquirer.

    >  If you are looking to use our in-store card processing solution with Cloud POS, you will need to obtain your MID through Paymentsense, since Paymentsense will also be the payment gateway and will provide the card-reading device(s) you will use in-store.

    >  For ecommerce customers intending to use CitrusPay Gateway, you can obtain your ecommerce MID from any acquirer listed here:  CitrusPay Payment Gateway - Support Acquirers.pdf  
    You will then provide Citrus-Lime with your ecommerce MID to enable us to set up your CitrusPay payment gateway.

    Other Integrations

    We also offer the ability to accept online payments with the following:

    • Klarna
    • Apple Pay
    • V12 Finance
    • Clearpay / Afterpay
    • Cyclescheme

    If you'd like to learn more about integrating these payment options, please contact our Success Team.

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