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    Cloud POS // What's in the July 2022 release?

    We are updating Cloud POS. Here are the details of what's included in the July 2022 release:

    Workshop Booking Reminders *Requested by users via our feedback forum*   

    You’ll now be able to automatically remind your customers when they’ve got a workshop booking by text and/or email. This will help to reduce the number of no-shows by giving the customer a gentle reminder that their bike is booked in, without the need for you to stop what you are doing.

    We have done the preparation work for you and added the communication templates ready for use. Reminders are enabled by default and are set to send to 2 days before each booking. You have full control, so if you want to add your own personal touch these can all be edited. 

    Z Report Imbalance Warning

    We’ve added a warning message if there is an imbalance before you commit a Z report and close the batch. This will help to catch any human errors before it’s committed and causes a problem. 

    Improved Layout for the Full-Size Receipts *Requested by users via our feedback forum* 

    We have listened to your feedback and improved the layout of the full-size receipt so that more lines fit onto one sheet, meaning it uses less paper to print.

    Print 40-col Receipts Without Customer Information *Requested by users via our feedback forum*  

    The 40-col receipts can now be printed without customer information (excluding customer name). We have added this as a register configuration, so you have full control over if you want customer information printed on receipts. 

    Switch User function added to the Workshop Module *Requested by users via our feedback forum*   

    A popular feature in the POS already, we have now added the switch user functionality to the Workshop Module. This allows you to quickly swap users in a busy workshop. 

    Book my Bike In 

    We’ve created an easy online workshop booking feature called Book My Bike In. Having Book My Bike In online will reduce the number of interruptions you have and makes it easier for your customers to book a service. It’s convenient, cuts out admin and gives you flexibility and control. 

    We’re excited to share that Book My Bike In is in the final stages of development and is planned for release this autumn/winter. In preparation for this, we have added the controls to manage your online workshop service options to the POS. Look out for further updates coming soon!

    Backoffice General

    New Features


    • We have improved the validation when adding or editing delivery addresses to highlight required fields sooner.
    • We have improved the validation on the Supplier Associated Item Grid to help prevent human error.
    • The messaging when creating a new cashier now highlights that the PIN field is mandatory.

    Bug Fixes

    • We have improved error handling for bad page calls, now directing users to an error page in more circumstances. 
    • The heading text on the Import Tools page has been corrected to say Import/Export Tools.
    • A bug that prevented filtering by Order Type on the Imported Order Log has been fixed.
    • The sorting of the 'To' and 'From' in the Stock Enquiry is now able to be sorted alphabetically.
    • Filters will no longer be present on the Klarna order history page when Klarna is not active. 
    • Special characters ( ' " and \) are no longer allowed in cashier names to prevent errors when using the POS.
    • We have made general spelling and grammar corrections throughout Cloud POS.
    • An error sending customer communications from the item card has been fixed. 
    • Error messages no longer remain when not applicable when quick scanning items onto a stock take. 
    • An icon that was missing from the "What happens when I commit a Stock Take?" dialogue box has been added. 
    • The titles on the Tax Rate Setup page now clearly indicate if you are editing or creating a new tax rate. 



    • We have improved the code for better dependability and stability. We have also improved the error handling.

    Bug Fixes

    • We have added further checks for duplicate barcodes to determine if the entire import of the file has failed, or if we mark one (or more) of the entries on the import as failed/error.
    • We have removed an invalid Country Code in the Customer export file.
    • We have improved the error message shown for the Item Import when the Barcode, Barcode2 and StyleName contain special characters. 
    • Should a country not be set on the customer import, it will now default to the store's country.


    New Feature 


    • We have improved the error shown when setting primary supplier on the item card and the supplier no longer exists.
    • If the price is 0 but there is a cost and a tax rate set, then the Profit Margin box will now contain the text “Set Price”.
    • Using the arrows on the price input box will now update the Profit Margin as you work.
    • Deleting a dimension on a matrix parent item will now remove that dimension from the matrix child items.
    • We now allow " to be used when creating a matrix dimension attribute.

    Bug Fixes 

    • A scenario where the  Apply & Manage Matrix template gets stuck on creating new has been fixed.
    • Diacritics characters (àçéèíïóòúü) can now be used in descriptions and barcode descriptions for items.
    • Improved error message when some matrix child items fail to convert to serialised items.

    Offline Inventory


    • We have added a warning before moving items in bulk (amounts greater than 10) to the offline inventory.


    New Feature

    • The Mobile number field has been added to the new customer creation pop-up.


    • The error is shown when tendering a licenced item that is missing required information has been improved to show more information.
    • When creating an Inter-Store Transfer from within POS, the stock amount on the transaction is now requested rather than just one item.
    • Klarna order management improved to prevent orders from getting to a point where Klarna will not allow them to be processed. Klarna orders:
      • Cannot have items set to be returns
      • Cannot have new lines added 
      • Cannot have new lines added to refunded orders 
    • Items marked as 'Not available from supplier' can now be added to order up to the amount available in stock.
    • We have made improvements to our error logging. In the unlikely event that an eCommerce refund fails, we have improved the information logged to allow our Support Team to better assist in resolving the issue. 

    Bug Fixes 

    • We have improved the error shown should a batch not be able to be closed to provide more information and added further logging to assist the Support Team. 
    • We have added more checks into the POS for orders being edited elsewhere. This prevents issues caused by conflicting changes to orders. 
    • An error that could occur when 2 cashiers were attempting to use the same serial number on a transaction at the same time has been prevented.
    • Text corrected from 'Delivery to' to 'Send from' on the Inter-Store Transfer pop-up in POS
    • Delays with the till in use information updating have been fixed. 
    • Flagging another user of the till for logout has been improved.
    • An improved error is shown when trying to save a work order that does not have the due date set.
    • A scenario where an incorrect message would be shown for a Klarna eCommerce refund has been fixed.
    • An issue meaning the Inter-Store Transfer occasionally showed the wrong item description has been fixed.
    • Ecommerce orders paid for using both Klarna and a Gift Voucher can now be refunded without error in the POS.
    • We now provide a warning if a duplicate telephone number is entered against a customer in POS.
    • Transaction type no longer reverts after creating an Inter-Store Transfer.

    Purchase Orders


    • We have added filters to the Goods In grid when booking in a Purchase Order.*Requested by users via our feedback forum*   
    • Styling of the warning shown when creating a large number of Purchase Orders has been improved.
    • Styling of warning when opening an order for another store from the Customer Order grid has been improved.
    • Last Received and Date Emailed fields in Edit Header can no longer be edited after they are set. 
    • Updated Quick Scan text to explain you can use ILC in Goods In. *Requested by users via our feedback forum*   

    Bug Fixes 

    • We have fixed a value out-of-range error that could occur when creating Purchase Orders based on customer orders.
    • You can now view beyond page 1 once a Purchase Order is closed. 
    • Once a Purchase Order has been booked in, buttons that are now no longer applicable will be hidden to prevent errors. 
    • An error when attempting to update a Purchase Order on an Ipad has been fixed. 
    • The minimum order level for a supplier is now respected when creating a Purchase Order. 
    • An issue where updating items using SIM would not update prices if MSRP was already correct, has been fixed. 
    • A scenario where creating a Barcode Label Wizard from a Purchase Order would display an empty grid has been fixed. 



    • Assembly Items are no longer shown in the "Add Items To Transfer" popup.

    Bug Fixes

    • Text in the  Email to Supplier functionality for Transfers now refers to Transfers rather than to Purchase Orders.
    • Transfers can now be partially received if they contain multiple serialised items.
    • A scenario which resulted in an empty child transfer in Goods Out has been fixed. 
    • Transfer out of system no longer populates a Supplier if this has been selected first. 
    • A Transfer with zero items can no longer be committed. 
    • We have corrected the calculation for the number warning displayed when creating store-to-store Transfers.


    Bug Fixes 

    • We have improved the detail on error logs to include the Supplier Part Code of any failed SIM items.
    • We have fixed an issue that prevented the Matrix Parent Season updating from SIM.
    • An error will now show when quick scanning to import (via a Purchase Order) if the item exists as reorder number against another supplier.
    • We now show an error when items are prevented from being added to the SIM import basket. 



    • We have made visible if the option to update a Matrix Parent was selected after a wizard has been committed.
    • We have improved error handling when attempting to amend a Wizard that has been deleted.
    • The text for the  "Max Count Reached" warning has been updated to convey a more accurate meaning.
    • We have added Min/Max restock level validation to Reorder Wizards. 
    • The error message when attempting to import an invalid file has been improved.
    • We have improved the wizard status email text.

    Bug Fixes

    • Adding a Note to an item in the Item Detail will now update the Matrix parent if required. 
    • An issue where a category could be deleted after being selected in a wizard has been fixed.
    • A bug where MSRPs were not updating from SIM in a Price Wizard should the items have differing Item Lookup Codes, has been fixed. 
    • A bug which meant the update from SIM functionality didn't work if more than one supplier selected has been fixed.
    • When updating items from SIM from within the Revalue Cost Wizard we now show feedback on the page for successful/failed updates.
    • The sorting of the Supplier column on the Supplier Wizard is now alphabetical.


    New Features

    Bug Fixes 

    • We have fixed an error that could occur in quick scanning codes if a tab character was included.



    • A note has been added to explain that getting a Customer by email requires a slash at the end of the request
    • Commission fields are now returned from the item controller.
    • We have improved validation in the PostTransaction method to prevent errors.
    • The error message for the Item Put method has been improved to provide feedback when TaxID entered is invalid.
    • Validation has been added to the Tender Post method to explain the description is limited to 25 characters.
    • We have improved a confusing error message returned when failing to send eReceipt after posting a transaction.
    • Guidance on the accepted date format for Purchase Order Get has been added to the documentation.

    Bug Fixes 

    • An invalid country can no longer be set against the Customer through the API. 
    • An object reference error that could occur if the Store ID entered was too long for the Post Mechanic method, has been fixed. 
    • The SupplierList Get method now returns a 404 response when applicable. 
    • The Tax Get by ID method now returns a 404 response when applicable. 
    • The Tender POST method can no longer be passed a null description.

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