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    Cloud MT // Creating and Managing Find & Filter Collections

    A quick User Guide

    Find & Filter Collections - Overview

    Find & Filter Collections is a feature that enables Citrus-Lime Ecommerce users to bring together products from across the database and present them in a single Find & Filter Result Set. Find & Filter Collections are highly useful for using for Point In Time Promotions and Seasonal Offers.

    For example, let's say you wanted to bring together a Top-to-Toe Starter Kit for new and/or inexperienced road cyclists to purchase from, confident that what is there has been carefully selected by you, the knowledgeable retailer.

    That Starter Kit may include such things as:

    • Road Jersey
    • Bib Shorts or Tights
    • Helmet
    • Road Shoes
    • Windproof and Waterproof Jackets
    • Basic, Roadside Tools

    ...but, these products are in various Departments and/or Product Groups which means, as your site visitors can only filter by a single Department and/or Product Group at any given time, this range of varied products cannot easily be brought together for presentation in a single result set.

    Find & Filter Collections overcomes this by allowing you to freely create uniquely named Facet Options and assign products from any Department and/or Product Group into them.

    Additionally, unlike any other Facet Option set, you can associate a single item with up to 6 x Find & Filter Collections at any one time.
    This means that you can have, for example, a single Road Jersey in both the "Starter Kit" and "Picks for the Week" Collections (and another four more) at the same time.

    Another way in which Find & Filter Collections could be used is to draw together range items within a certain brand and avoid using a standard Facet-led Department or Product Group Browse Filter to achieve this.

    For example, if you want to allow people to browse via the main navigation to only Giant Trance mountain bikes, instead of All Giant Mountain Bikes, then you could add all Giant bikes that relate to the Trance range into a "Giant Trance MTB" Collection and then create a Facet-led Navigation Option to direct a user to this highly specific result set.

    From within all results sets relating to Find & Filter Collections, all other Facet Filters are provided to the site user to further refine the displayed results (i.e: Departments + Browse Filters, Product Groups + Browse Filters, Colour, Brand, Age, Gender, Season, Activity, Material, Price, On Sale and Availability).

    Setting up Find & Filter Collections in Cloud MT

    [1]     Creating Find & Filter Collections
    Creating Find & Filter Collections is a simple process and the on-screen instructions provided in Cloud MT should help to guide you through the steps with ease.
    Get started by browsing to the Item Organisation > Find & Filter Collections link in the left-column navigation in Cloud MT.

    [2]     Assigning Products to Find & Filter Collections
    Products can be assigned to Find & Filter Collections either via the Item Record, or by the Add to Collection Wizard.

    Get started by opening an Item Record, scrolling to the Find & Filter Options section, and clicking on the button marked View and Edit All Assigned Find & Filter Options and Collections.

    Click on the Assign Find & Filter Collections tab and you will see 6 x Drop-down fields that you can select existing "In Use" Find & Filter Collections to which you can assign your product.

    [3]     Creating Main Navigation Options to support Find & Filter Collections
    Create a Facet-led Navigation in the same way you would any other Navigation Option in Cloud MT.

    Note that you cannot use a Find & Filter Collection in conjunction with any other options available during Navigation Option set-up.

    If you begin by setting some standard Facet Filter options and then select from the Find & Filter Collection drop-downs, any previously set options will be removed.

    What are Find & Filter Collections not intended for?

    Find & Filter Collections is not intended for use with Price-based promotions (for all Sale-style promos, you've got "In Stock, On Sale, Min Price, Max Price and Percentage Discount" features in standard Facet Navigation set-up for that).

    Things that cannot be done with Find & Filter Collections (for a very good reason)

    There are a few restrictions deliberately imposed upon Find & Filter Collections.
    This has been done to ensure that you do not accidentally disrupt the integrity of your Citrus-Lime Ecommerce database or cause conflicts between Filters that already exist and the ones you may think to create using Find & Filter Collections.

    The following list details that which you cannot do when using Find & Filter Collections :

    1. You cannot create Find & Filter Collections with the same name as existing Facets derived from the normal Find & Filter Options (Department + Browse Filters, Product Group + Browse Filters, Activity and Materials).
    2. You cannot create Find & Filter Collections with the same name as existing Facets derived from the Google Categories section (Colour, Gender and Age) nor Brands or Season, either.
    3. You cannot create Find & Filter Navigation Options that combine a Find & Filter Collection with any other option usually available during the Facet Navigation set-up process.
    4. The end user (Site User) cannot view Find & Filter Collections as Filter Options in regular Results Sets.

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