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    How do I cancel an order which has a deposit against it?

    This article describes the process of returning a deposit to a customer when an order is being cancelled.

    This process will work for any Work Order, Layaway or Workshop Job that has a deposit set against it and needs to be cancelled.

    From the Point Of Sale, recall the order in question;

    Click the Actions button:

    Click on the button marked Remove All Items and Tender:

    You'll now see a prompt asking you to confirm you wish to take this action:

    Click Yes;

    You will then be taken to the Tender Transaction screen;

    On the Tender Transaction screen, you'll see that the system is returning the deposit value.  Select the tender type that the customer originally used to pay for the deposit and click Pay Remaining, then click Continue With Transaction to complete the deposit refund:

    NOTE:  You should always refund a deposit back to the same tender type that the customer used to pay the deposit, unless there are exceptional circumstances that mean this isn't possible.

    If the customer used a credit card to pay the deposit, endeavour to ensure that you refund to the same card used for the original payment.

    Never refund a cash payment to credit card, or a card payment with cash, as this carries a risk of exposure to money laundering.

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