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    Merchant Tools // Creating a coupon for Google Shopping

    In order to utilise this feature, you will require:

    • Citrus-Lime Ecommerce
    • Managed Google Shopping
    • Google Merchant Promotions

    This article explains how to create a code that will integrate with Google Merchant Promotions and will appear on a product or group of products on Google Shopping.

    When you are logged into Merchant Tools, select Marketing and Promotions and then Coupons. You will be directed to the Manage Coupons page.

    To create a new coupon, simply select the Add Coupon tab and you will be taken to the page shown in the image below:

    Run through the following steps to create a new Coupon Code eligible for Google Shopping...

    1. Add Coupon

    • Activate Coupon - Leave this box unticked until you are satisfied that all fields are completed;
    • Coupon Description - Give the coupon a description so that it can be easily identified. This is the text that will appear on Google Shopping under your Ads. Excessive punctuation and capitalisation will result in your promotion being disapproved by Google;
    • Coupon Code - Enter a Coupon Code. This is the code that your customers will need to redeem in order to receive the specified offer;
    • Amount - This is the amount that you wish to discount. In the example below I have entered 5 into this field, as I wish to allow a discount of 5%.

    NOTE: No special characters should be entered into the Apply or Amount fields. You will tell the system whether it is £ or % further down the form.

    2. Discount Type & Restrictions


    Integration to Google Merchant Promotions can only use Percentage-based discounts

    If you select the Block on Sale field for a percentage-based coupon, the coupon can still be used if the basket contains a sale item. If the basket contains a mixture of sale and non-sale items, the sale items will be disregarded and the discount will be applied to the total value of the full price items only.


    You have created a coupon that allows the customer to receive a discount of 20% off Jackets and you have Blocked Sale Items. The customer's basket contains two different Jackets. One Jacket is on sale and one Jacket is full price. The discount will be applied to the value of the full price item only.

    Select a Group of Products

    Use the drop-down box to select “All product with a Find and Filter address”. This is the only way a coupon can be applied to your products and applicable through Google Merchant Promotions.


    You then need to enter the relevant Find and Filter URL to apply the coupon to the correct products.

     For example, I have entered “skateboard/decks” as I only want this coupon code to be redeemable against all skateboarding decks.

    Below are some further examples of the Find and Filter URL structure you can use:

    “road-bikes/2019” – This will apply your coupon to all road bikes from the 2019 season

    “pikeur/competition-jackets” – This will apply your coupon to all competition jackets for the brand Pikeur

    3. Expiration

    In this section you will set an expiration date which your coupon will no longer be available after. As the Google Merchant Promotions review process can take up to 72 hours, I always recommend setting up your coupons to last a minimum of 7 days.

    4. Coupon 'Stacking'

    Under the General tab you will find tick boxes which need to be considered when creating coupons.

    In particular, the Allow Multiple Coupons. If this field is selected your customer will be able to enter multiple coupons against one transaction.

    5. Save, Activate & Test

    When you are sure that everything is entered correctly, make sure that you click the Save button, which is located at the bottom of the page.

    Before giving out the Coupon Code to your customers you should always ensure that it is working as you would like it to. 

    • Tick the field located at the top of the page to Activate the code;
    • Go to the front-end of the website and create a basket containing the correct items;
    • In your Basket apply the Coupon Code and ensure that it is applying the desired discount.

    Once confirmed you can give the code out to your customers.

    6. Contact your Google Shopping Campaign manager

    Once everything is set-up in Merchant Tools, contact your Google Shopping Campaign manager to check you have Google Merchant Promotions. This is quick and easy to get set-up and live in your account.

    When you are live with Merchant Promotions, your Campaign manager can begin to promote your coupon code on Google Shopping using the products you have selected on your Find and Filter URL.

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