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    Cloud MT // Banner Collections

    A Best Practice Guide

    Banner Management is the area which allows you to manage and update the homepage banners on your online store.  Each Banner Collection will have already been created for you before your online store goes live and will be relevantly named to where they appear.

    To access your Banner Collections, log into Cloud MT and go to Site Management > Banner Management via the left hand column navigation.  You will also find this menu option under the Quick Links section, or you can access it by pressing ALT+B on your keyboard.

    Managing your Banners

    Here is where you can view all Banner Collections that are currently on your online store.  A member of the Citrus-Lime Design Team will create & assign all the Collections for you before your online store goes live.

    Within the collections, you are able to update the content of each individual banner on your online store.  Click 'Edit' next to the collection you'd like to update.

    NOTE:  You will need to contact your account manager if you would like to add a new Banner Collection to your online store.  Creating a New Collection will not automatically add new banners as it requires input from a member of the Citrus-Lime Design Team.

    Editing your Banners

    Inside a Banner Collection you will find every banner that belongs to it.  As stated above, a member of the Citrus-Lime Design team will have already created the Collection along with any banners for you.  With that in mind, we advise keeping the Banner Collection Name relevant, think 'Homepage 4x Banners' instead of just 'homepage'.  

    You have the ability to show / hide each banner individually (if more than one exists in a Collection) or you can hide the Collection entirely.  If the Banner Collection Active checkbox is unchecked, all banners within the Collection will not display.

    Banner Editing Overview

    Clicking Edit next to the banner you would like to update will present seven options for you to update.  They are:


    • Active:  If this is unchecked, the banner will not display;
    • Title:  This is the larger, main descriptive text on the banner;
    • Description:  The smaller text that appears under Banner Title.  We recommend keeping this concise to accommodate browsing on smaller devices;
    • Image*:  The image of the banner.  To update, click on the Select File link;
    • URL:  The URL destination that your banner will link to when clicked on;
    • URL Text:  The main 'Call-to-action' button of your banner;
    • Display Order:  Changing this value will re-order your banners.  The lowest number will be the first to display.


    Once you've made all the required changes to your banners, click Save and then the Save Banner Collection link in the bottom right of the banner panel.

    * - You can read more about our recommendations about best image practices here: https://howto.citruslime.com/42240-e-merchandising/293401-how-dynamic-images-and-banner-images-works

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