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    Customer Rewards // How do I manage Point Generation and Promotions?

    Firstly, log in to the Customer Rewards Store Interface using the credentials that you have been provided.

    The URL is https://www.customer-rewards.co.uk/storelogin (bookmark this page)

    Points Multiplier

    On the main dashboard page, you will see the Points Settings.  This will have been preset to your requirements when your Rewards scheme was activated.

    The Points Multiplier dictates how many points all customers will be awarded when making a purchase:

    This can be adjusted from 10 points for every pound spent, up to 500 points for every pound spent.  If you adjust this, you will see the redemption value of those points change accordingly.  See the example below:

    This should be adjusted with extreme caution because it affects all points generation. We do not recommend you use this to run promotions.

    Set up Specific Customers so that they accrue a different amount of Reward Points

    You are also able to set specific customers to earn more/less points, on a per customer basis. This can be used to do things like give extra points to customers who are members of clubs or organisations to whom you promote.

    Search for the customer and then click on the link titled User Details in the Username column.  See the image below for an example:

    In the User Details window scroll down until you find Points Multiplier on Account.

    Read through the description in this section, as it explains how any adjustments will affect points generation for that customer.  See the image below.

    Manage Promotions

    This section allows you to create points promotions in a number of ways.


    Give the promotion a name and description as shown in the image below. 

    In the Filters section, you need to set the start and end date for your promotion.

    Set Type as required. 

    In the example, below we have created a promotional weekend deal for a particular brand:

    Scroll further down to set the multiplier or points bonus that we want the promotion to reward the customer. 

    In this example, we are going to give our customers a multiplier of 4, therefore rather than getting 10 points for every pound spent they will receive 40 points over the period of this promotion:

    Award Bonus Points

    Further down the page you also have the option of awarding bonus points. This would normally be used for promoting particular items, thus enabling you to create a more specific promotion than our example above.

    Once you have created your Promotion make sure you set it as active at the top of the page and then save it.  Select the Manage Promotions option at the top of the page and then scroll down the page until you see the newly created promotion in the list (as shown in the image below).

    Any promotions which are Pending/Inactive will be listed separately to those which are currently active.

    As you can see in the image shown below, the promotion that we have created as an example is shown in the Pending/Inactive section because this is due to go live at a later date.

    Using Promotions to Prevent Point Accrual

    You are also able to create promotions which stop customers receiving points. This would be used for specific items, for example, you may not want customers to earn points on items such as labour, shipping or sale items.

    Here you would create a promotion for each of the items, setting the Points Multiplier to zero, as shown in the image below:

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