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    Customer Rewards // How do I use Customer Rewards in Point of Sale?

    Creating a Rewards Account for your Customer

    To accrue Reward Points, your customer must have a Customer Rewards account.  This is really easy to do, simply ensure that the customer has an email address saved on their customer card.  Any customer with an email address saved on their customer account will automatically have a Customer Rewards account created and begin accruing points.

    Earning Rewards Points

    If a customer has an email address saved in their account in Cloud POS, they will begin to earn points on every qualifying transaction. The amount of points that the customer accrues is based on the rules you have set in the Customer Rewards interface. 

    Click here to be guided through managing the number of points your customers will earn.

    Blocking Points for Specific Transactions - Click Here

    Assigning a Customer Rewards Card

    1)  If you wish to assign a Customer Rewards Card to a transaction, set the customer against the transaction and then hit the Customer Rewards button.

    2)  In the field shown in the following image, either scan or type in the card number and then click Set Card Number.

    Redeeming Customer Reward Points Against a Transaction - Click Here

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