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    Merchant Tools - How do I sell a gift voucher online and not charge for shipping?

    If you offer gift vouchers for sale on your ecommerce site, you may wish to provide these without your customers incurring a shipping cost.  For example, if you email the voucher code to the customer, no shipping will be necessary and so it may be a purchase deterrent customers to charge for this.

    To enable free gift voucher shipping on your platform, you can do this within Merchant Tools.

    1)  Open Merchant Tools and go to Product Management, then Products Find Fast.  Use the filter options to locate your voucher items.  You should have three vouchers available:

    2)  Click on the item you wish to edit and then navigate to the Stock and Delivery tab, then Delivery and Handling.  Under the Shipping Options section, uncheck the box alongside Ship This Product, then click Save:

    3)  Repeat Step 2 for each voucher for which you wish to ship for free.

    4)  From the left-hand menu, select Reports and Lists, and then Cache Manager.  Under the Drop Cache section, click the Clear Product Cache button:

    5)  The voucher will no longer accrue a shipping cost when added to basket in your ecommerce checkout:

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