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    Merchant Tools - Setting up PreLaunch, PreOrder & BackOrder on Products

    You may want to, at times, allow for an item to be purchasable or at least viewable online, without actually having it available yet. For example, a new season item which you've bought and is on it's way in a few weeks.

    You can gather customer data and sales leads from back in-stock notifications on products, or you can allow the product(s) to be purchased with a lead time (we've a separate article for setting up delivery and collection lead times).

    In these instances, the option is simple, we have a page in our management area which allows you to manage this on a per-product basis.

     Step 1

    Find the products you wish to manage delivery and handling for. You can use Find Fast for this.

     Step 2

    Filter the list. Settinging "Is Active" to "Checked" is a good start. After that, you can filter the list by name, brand, Product Look-up Code and more.

    For the purposes of the article, I picked the "2016 Trek Emonda SL5 WSD Womens Road Bike".

    Step 3a - Back Order & Tracked Inventory

    Using the tabs at the top of the page, select "Stock & Delivery" and then choose "Inventory" from the sub-navigation.

    Back Order

    If you plan on selling an item which you do not have on SIM and you do not have in stock but want to track the stock you sell, which is advisable, the "Track Inventory" box should remain ticked. If it isn't, then when you sell an item, the quantity you have in stock will not change. In search and on the product page, the item will be marked as "Special Order".

    Non-Inventory Tracked

    For items such as Gift Vouchers, which you'll almost certainly have an infinite amount of, you can untick the "Trck Inventory" option. You'll still be able to track sales but inventory won't change when an item is purchased. It's rarely advised that non-tracked inventory are used.

    Step 3b - Pre-Order & Pre-Launch

    If you want to add an item to your Ecommerce store which is expected in with a new season delivery or within the next few weeks, then you can use pre-launch option, which allows the item to be viewed online and customer data collected.

    To do this, visit the "General" page of the product setup area and use the following options;

    • Tick Pre-Launch /  Pre-Order product
      • This item won't be purchasable but will be marked as "Pre-Launch" in search and on the product page.
    • Use the above option in conjunction with the Back Order option
      • This item WILL be purchasable and will be marked as "Pre-Order" in search and on the product page.
    • Optional; Setting a "coming soon" date.
      • this will change the product from "Pre-Launch" to "coming soon" in search and on the product page.

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