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    Merchant Tools - Uploading Products to eBay

    Set-up your items successfully for eBay

    If you are subscribed to the Citrus Lime eBay integration service, you will need to set-up those products that you want to show on eBay.

    This is managed from within Merchant tools; the first step is to find the product you want to activate, then go through the usual process of making it live on the website if it is not already so.

    Once done, click the link to Activate on EBay:



    You will then need to set the eBay category for the product and click save:



    This will then open the rest of the options available to optimise the product for eBay, work your way down the page.

    • Optimise the title if needed
    • Add a subtitle if needed
    • Add/adjust the Description
    • Select the relevant options under the description field, do not use the No barcode on this product unless you are certain that this product does not have a barcode. If you set this and then eBay can see that a barcode does exist, they will penalise you.
    • Set the condition of the item - by default this is 'New', but you can also select 'Used' if this is applicable to the item.
    • Now select the relevant shipping template from the drop down menu, this should have been setup when you initially started using the eBay integration.
    • Click Save.


    You should now be able to define your EBay Item Specifics in the next section, for each specific use the drop down menu to select one, once selected you will see it add this to the current save value as shown below:


    If you do not wish to set some of the specifics just leave them as they are.

    If you leave the item now, as long as it has stock the next time eBay does an upload it should activate this item, if you want to speed the process up you can go to the Process button towards the top of the page, click on this and the product should list.

    If the item has still not listed you can scroll to the bottom of the page and look at the eBay log, this should indicate why the product is not listing:

    If the product has listed, the log will show something like the below message in the eBay log:

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