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    Merchant Tools - How to Suppress Online Sales of SIM-integrated Stock

    Citrus-Lime Ecommerce & SIM (Supplier Integration Module)

    There are occasions (such as Season End Clearance) where it is no longer desirable to allow customers to purchase SIM-integrated stock. Unlike the store, it is harder to police what items you would prefer not to place additional orders for. There's a chance that your sale price is now lower than the buy price you can bring it in for. Typically this will effect lower priced items; the sort of thing that people buy multiples of. 

    So what to do?

    You can choose to suppress SIM Supplier Stock on any item in your Citrus-Lime Ecommerce database. This will ensure that a product will be unavailable for purchase by your site visitors once all Local Stock has been sold. Typically, this feature would be used when clearing stock at a discount and you no longer wish to pull in fresh stock from the supply chain.

    How to ...

    Using the screenshot below :

    1. Locate the Suppress SIM Stock option in the Navigation of Citrus-Lime Merchant Tools.
    2. By default, the product grid is set to display Active Items Only. You can include Inactive Items by checking the provided tick box.
    3. You can filter products by Code, Name and Season (or a combination of all) to quickly locate the products you want to Suppress.
    4. Checking the tick box in the Suppress SIM Stock column will, unsurprisingly, restrict the sale of stock to just your Local Stock.

    Suppress SIM Stock

    You can unset the suppression of SIM stock at any point by unchecking the Suppress SIM Stock checkbox.

    In the unlikely event that you use this feature extensively, you can use the Export to Excel button (located beneath the product grid) and check over your items suppression status.

    Note that this feature can take some time to process the data to the Excel format. Download begins automatically within your browser following the file being created and will be placed on your local machine in your default Downloads folder.

    This feature is available in all Citrus-Lime Projects but requires a DLL set of 14 February 2018 or later to take full advantage. Check your Merchant Tools home page panels ("Citrus Store is Up-to-Date?") and, if you are running an earlier version, contact the Citrus-Lime Help Desk to request an update (no additional charges apply).

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