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    Merchant Tools - Creating Colour Groups

    Also known as Colour Picker

    What is Colour Picker?

    It's a way of displaying the same item, across a number of colours on a single product page. When you switch colours, we load to colour-specific data into the page, without reloading.

    From a product set-up perspective, it's a great time-saver, too. If you have 1 product in 4 colours, you only have to enter the product information on one product (the master item - more on this later), then when you add the other colours (the child colours) to the colour group, all the information is copied across to them. All you have to do then is add images to the newly activated items and you're good to go!

    Step 1.

    Firstly, find some products you'd like to add to a colour group. I'm starting with some Cycling Jerseys which aren't active yet.

    Step 2.

    Set your product up thoroughly. Add a unique description (great for SEO), buyers guide, size chart, video and product images (ideally of your own, high quality photos) to the product. Once you've done this, navigate to the "General Product Information" page, as seen below.

    • Activate the item, located in the top-left, above the title "General Product Information".
    • Once activated, click save at the bottom of the page.

    Step 2.1.

    Once the item is active, you can proceed with creating a colour group. Click on the "Create Master Colour" button, as shown below.

    You'll be presented with a pop-up, with instructions to name your colour group. This must be without a reference to a colour.

    You can call the group whatever you like, but for simplicity, we suggest using the name of your product, minus colour. 

    Once you've added a group name, click create.

    If successful, the page will reload and you'll see the below options.

    Click "Add child items to Colour Group" to select the items you'd like to group together.

    • Type an appropriate term into the "Name" field.
    • Once you have an appropriate list of products, you can begin added them to the group.
      • Click on the empty box in the "In this colour group?" column to add the item to the colour group.
      • Once you've done this, Click on the "Images" link in the 2nd column to upload images for that product.

    Step 3.

    Good news, if you've followed the article correctly you should now have several freshly colour-grouped products which are ready to use. This is how what the customer sees.

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