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    How to use Extra Facets and get creative with your product results

    Citrus-Lime Ecommerce - Find & Filter

    Introduction to Extra Facets

    You must be using a Find & Filter enabled Citrus-Lime Ecommerce platform to benefit from Extra Facets.

    The standard rules of Find & Filter Facets are such that a standard URL (web address) can only contain 1 x Facet Option from each of Facet Filter Sets.

    For example :


    Example above inc. 1 x Department, 1 x Brand, 1 x Product Group, 1 x Brand, 1 x Department Browse Filter, 1 x Product Group Browse Filter, 1 x Colour.

    For most users, this is all that will ever be needed to build a meaningful, effective navigation. 

    However, Extra Facets has been designed to help create navigable options (usually point-in-time, temporary options) that feature multiple Facet Options from within a single Facet Filter Set.

    This allows for even more creative thinking to be employed when creating Promotional links ... links from Newsletters, Home Page Banners or Navigation Options (using the Custom URL setting).

    "Bon Fire" - A Colourful Extra Facets Example

    For example, using Extra Facets, you could elect to create a navigation option called "Bon Fire" and have all In Stock Red, Orange and Yellow products within your Clothing department displayed.

    This could be great for a Bonfire Night promotion.
    I'm writing this HOWTO in November ... and it shows.

    To create this navigable option, you build the navigation link to contain the basic elements and then extend the URL with the following variable 


    ... followed by comma-separated values of each facet option you want to utilise.

    In this example, we need a URL containing the Clothing department and the colour Red. We recommend including In Stock so as not to waste a click on an out of stock item, too. Then we extend the URL with Extra Facets like so :


    It could be that you want to restrict your "Bon Fire" nav option to the current Year of Release.

    However, if you are splitting your year into seasons (SS & AW), you would need Extra Facets to achieve this :


    It could be that you want to create your "Bon Fire" result set with just a couple of brands presented - let's say "Deus" and "Dickies".

    To do that :


    Limitations of Extra Facets

    Extra Facets are limited to the following Find & Filter Option Sets :

    • Activity
    • Single Department Browse Filters (any combination)
    • Single Product Group Browse Filters (any combination)
    • Brand
    • Colour
    • Season

    You cannot use Extra Facets to display items from two distinct Departments or Product Groups. 

    For example, this is not permitted :


    If you attempt this, Citrus-Lime Ecommerce will generate a System Error page containing a clear description of the problem.

    Whilst mixing a department with a product group that have no relationship is deliberately allowable, the resulting Find & Filter Result (FAF Page) will be empty.

    For example, the following example will generate zero results because no products will be associated with the "Footwear" department and the "Lighting" Product Group ... unless you happen to sell Battery Operated Torch Boots, of course :


    Combine with Price-based URL Variables

    Price variations (Minimum Price, Maximum Price and Discount Level are already supported) using the following URL Variables :

    • &minprice=
    • &maxprice=
    • &discount=

    For example :


    Combine with Size Filters

    If your Citrus-Lime Ecommerce is Size Filter enabled, you can also combine Extra Facets with Size Filters.

    Size Filters are powerful when you are making personalised recommendations to a customer via email.

    For example, this link would create a landing page containing all the "In-stock White or Blue Adidas and Nike SB footwear in a Size 10 or 10.5" :


    You could further restrict this to only Sale items (for the more Deal Hungry customer) using the following :


    Other Filters

    Any other facet options will be available within the standard filter options when the results are shown (aka : Left Column Filters on Desktop FAF Results pages).

    Use with Collections

    Extra Facets is also supported on Collection pages.

    Create a Collection in the normal manner and then you can extend the resulting URL using "?extrafacets=" and comma-separated values as described earlier.

    Real-world Examples

    Using existing projects, the following examples are used for demonstration purposes.

    Note that all Extra Facet URLs are to be considered temporary as things like colour, season and brands can change within businesses.

    Bon Fire 

    All 2018 (SS18 + AW18) Clothing in Red, Orange and Yellow :


    Earth Tone Treats

    Blue, Green and Brown Hooded Jackets over £250


    Stealthy Beasts

    All In-Stock 2019 Black 27.5 and 27.5 Plus Full-suss MTB over £3000


    So Fresh, So Clean

    All In-stock white Nike SB and Adidas trainers in a Size 10 or 10.5


    Finally ... don't forget ... always test your links before you publish them!

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