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    Merchant Tools // Assigning Size Guides to a Brand

    When activating products online, it is best to add as much information as possible about a product to help make that sale. An important part of this is having Size Guides for your items. This helps the customer convert and buy the item with you, instead of them going elsewhere where they can find more information.

    You can either add a Size Guide to each individual item, or you can add Size guides by Brand. If you have multiple items from a single Brand that can be condensed into a single Size Guide (such as tops, legwear and footwear) then you can add the Size Guide to the brand, so that it is replicated across all of its items.

    Open up Merchant Tools, and select Product Management, Brands.

    Find the relevant brand, and hit ‘Edit’.

    Here you can add lots more information, such as Meta Descriptions and a Brand Logo. If you scroll down the page, you can add a Size Guide for Male, Female and Unisex products. The best charts to add are table based instead of pictures, as these will scale better when changing between different sized devices, especially mobile.

    Once saved, this will then be replicated across all items corresponding to that Brand and Gender.

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