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    How do I leave feedback or make suggestions about the system?

    We introduced the ability to leave feedback or make suggestions about the system, which can be accessed using a link from the main Cloud POS backoffice screen to this feedback portal.  You'll find this in the top right corner, under the 'Help?' option:

    From here you can leave feedback on existing functionality, or make suggestions for improvements or new features.

    When you select the Feedback & Suggestions option, you will then be presented with a further menu from which you can select the area of the system on which you wish to comment:

    If you are already logged into Cloud POS when you select the Feedback & Suggestions option, the system will recognise you are already logged in and you will be able to leave your comment without needing to log in again.

    You can also access the Feedback & Suggestions page independently of Cloud POS, via the following URL:


    If you use this option to leave feedback, you will be required to log in before you can create a new post or add comments to an existing post.

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