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    Can I view a Full Size X or Z Report without printing it out?

    If you'd like to view a running total of transactions processed through a register, but would prefer not to print an X report from the receipt printer, you can view this information from Cloud POS backoffice.

    From the main menu in backoffice, go to Customers, Receipts & Orders, then to View Receipts;

    On this page, you'll see a list of all batches, both closed and open:


    Here you can use the filters to locate the register you'd like to view.

    In the rightmost column, you'll see either View X Report if the batch is still open, or View Z Report if the batch is closed: 

    Clicking View X Report will open up a full-size X Report in a new browser tab, and the details displayed will be the X Report at that point in time.

    In the example below, we have just opened a new batch and no transactions have been processed as yet:


    When we process a transaction through the register and then click to View X Report again, we can see that the figures in the Money In section have updated to account for the transaction:

    A wider view of the report:

    This, therefore, allows us to see a running total of payments and refunds made through the register.

    When a batch has been closed, we can select the View Z Report option to see a full-size Z Report for that batch:

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