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    Citrus-Lime // Offline POS

    Offline POS allows you to continue to process transactions during disruption to the network

    Offline POS is now available. It allows you to continue to process transactions during any disruptions to network connectivity e.g. Internet is not available.

    Offline POS is not standard functionality, automatically available with Citrus-Lime Cloud POS. It must be installed on a Windows-based PC by a member of the Citrus-Lime Support Team

    Starting Up Offline POS

    The Citrus Lime Offline POS app will run automatically when you start up your PC. At the point of startup, the App will synchronise with your Citrus Lime Cloud POS database, including the following data:

    • Customers
    • Items inc. Stock Levels
    • Stores
    • Tenders
    • Taxes

    Offline POS will only allow you to continue processing basic transactions. It does not deal with complex transactions such as customer orders or workshop jobs.

    Offline POS starts automatically when you start your PC and will always run in the background. Should you go offline and need to use the functionality you simply need to maximise it from your taskbar, as shown in the image below: -

    This will open the till functionality. Ensure that you have selected the correct store from the drop-down menu at the top of the page, as shown in the image below: -

    If you see the following message in the top right-hand corner you do not need to use Offline POS, as a connection has been found. Simply minimise the App and continue working in live Citrus-Lime Cloud POS as normal. 

    Processing Transactions in Offline POS

    Scan the item barcode into the field shown below. This will add the item to the transaction.

    You can adjust the Price and Quantity if required: -

    To complete the transaction, click Tender. This will open Confirmation of Sale

    If required, you can enter a comment, email address (for eReceipt) and the correct tender type.

    Click OK and the transaction will be queued. Once you are online again, it will sync with Citrus-Lime Cloud POS and the transaction will be visible on the live system: -

    Sync Tab

    Here you can see the status of those transactions that have been completed in Offline POS. 

    The message below shows that the transactions have been synced to Cloud POS: -

    Any transactions processed in Offline POS can be found in the Journal of the Live system. They will be posted to the first Point of Sale that currently has an open batch. 

    As shown in the image below, the cashier is marked down as offline functionality. Everything else will appear as a standard transaction: -

    Other functionality 

    Within Offline POS you can also search for items if you do not have a barcode to scan/input. 

    Use the search field to search for a keyword, this will look for that keyword in all columns as shown below: -

    Use the search fields at the top of each column to filter down to the products you are looking for: -

    Once you have found the product you want to add to the Transaction you can click + to add the item: -

    Multi-store Businesses can also click the down arrow to check stock at your other locations: -

    If you wish to clear all items off the transaction you can click the No Sale button : -

    The API key button should only be used upon request from a member of staff at Citrus-Lime, do not adjust this without our supervision: -


    Once the live system is available, you must ensure that you Re-Sync the offline database. This will ensure that stock is correctly adjusted to account for any changes made while working offline: -

    If you have any questions start a Live Chat with the Citrus-Lime Support Team.

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