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    Are there any keyboard shortcuts I can use in POS?

    Speedy Time Saving ways to drive POS

    The following keyboard shortcuts exist within the POS screen:

    Quick Shortcuts

    Striking 'Esc' will close out of most dialogue boxes. 

    Ctrl+H - Set Customer 

    Ctrl+J - Create Customer

    Ctrl+K - Edit Customer

    Ctrl+L - Clear Customer

    Ctrl+D - Transaction Discount

    Ctrl+G - Transaction Comment

    Ctrl+S - Set Sales Rep

    Ctrl+U - Turn the transaction to a Quote

    Ctrl+I - Turn the transaction to a Work Order

    Ctrl+O - Turn the transaction to a Workshop Job

    Ctrl+P - Set the transaction to a layaway

    Ctrl+R - Recall a worksorder

    Ctrl+Q - Tender/Save

    Ctrl+E - No sale

    Ctrl+B - Open close batch

    Ctrl+Y - Item search 

    Alt+T - Launch taskpad


    Within the tender screen, selecting a tender box (e.g. cash) and then striking the plus key '+' will populate the tender value with the outstanding balance of a transaction. 

    Once payment has been entered (in the screen shown above) hitting Enter will 'Continue with Transaction'. 

    Return can be used when all required fields are filled in, in each step of the tender process to make progression faster. 


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