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    Workshop - Removing/Cancelling a Job from the Workshop Calendar

    Cancelled / unrequired workshop bookings can be removed from the calendar and removed fully from the POS system.

    To make removing a job as easy as possible we would recommend creating a non-inventory item called ‘cancelled order’. The reason for this is the Citrus-Lime POS does not allow orders to tender with no items in them, so you cannot accidentally close an order, the non-inventory item will give you a zero-value item to put into the order to tender it to completion without incorrectly reporting the sale or a real item.


    To cancel any order, you must first unscheduled the appointment from the workshop calendar

    Find and click to edit the workshop job, and click the un schedule button

    Within POS, click to recall orders and find the relevant workshop order

    Add item to cancel the order created above, then click edit to remove and items that may be on the order that are no longer required.

    Click select all for pick up

    Then tender the transaction to complete and close the order.


    Note: the order may show in the workshop unscheduled list for up to 1 hour after being closed. To force the order to remove click force schedule on the workshop module. 

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