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    Find & Filter Updates - Nov 2017

    Great news - We are rolling out a new version of Find & Filter. 

    We’ve been working hard to improve the user experience on Find and Filter pages, based on customer feedback and browsing data. With this update comes a brand new, overhauled user interface for filter and sorting. Whilst the most extensive changes will be apparent on mobile devices, the entire interface for filters has changed across all devices. Our aim here was to make the interface more familiar and slicker to more proficient internet users and easier to use for those of us who are less savvy. 


    Image 1 : Shows a landing page with sort and filter call to actions above the products.

    Image 2 : Select an option from a number of pre and user-defined filters.

    Image 3 : Filter by multiple colours.

    One key "gotcha" is that "Product Group" has been renamed on the front-end of the site to "Category". The Merchant Tools interface still references Product Group but we feel "Category" is more relate-able to consumers.

    About Find & Filter 

    Our search and navigation software, Find & Filter allows users to instantly sort and refine a result set using colour, material, department, brand, price & more. When we say instantly, we mean it. Refining a page of 340 results by selecting a “facet” (a sort of “tagged” attribute that relates to a product) takes under half a second to return the appropriate, desired results.

    If you’re interested in seeing how Find & Filter can impact your website, please get in touch with your account manager.

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